Shop my homeschool recommendations and books/resources we use too!



We are learning English with Wolsey Hall Oxford we use the Collins Primary books in all our lesson. Where needed we also use other books mentioned to reinforce learning.


We are using Maths No Problem to learn Mastery in Maths.  There are 4 books in Year 5 which are 2 textbooks and 2 workbooks.  For all the books needed for any year group please visit their website.


We use Twinkl Plan It for all our Science lessons and have also bought the above books too.



We use Twinkl Plan It for all our Geography lessons and also have the above Atlases, Maps and globe to help with teaching the lesson and learning.


For all our Computing lessons we use the Oxford Primary book and for coding I highly recommend Get Coding.  We also have the Star Wars Coding Book for fun coding activities and the Girls Who Code book which is a great book to learn and be inspired about the world of coding.



Our PSHE lessons are all about reading, discussing, Q&A and very conversational.  We like to talk about the different topics we read about and use examples in the news and around us in our discussions.


For this subject we use Twinkl Plan It Upper KS2 Lesson plans.  K chose the topics she wanted to do this year.


Currently we are working on the Year 5 Islamic Studies Textbook and Workbook.  You can take a look at Safar Publications for more books in the range.

Keep an eye on this page as I'll be updating and adding more books and resources we use as well as add what we used in Year 4 too.  For more information on how we homeschool and planning take a look at the Homeschool section and my Educating K series.