KHAITE The Shelby Dress
I'm always on the hunt for my next midi or maxi dress purchase and if I'm honest I usually see a lot of mini dresses that I love.  But I'm always left with the false hope that maybe one day these brands that I'm always spending my money on will bring out a longer version.  A version that I CAN wear.

Not anymore though, because this unexpected combination of a mini dress layered with a pair of straight leg jeans is the new way to get the best of both in 2020.

Effortlessly styled by New York based KHAITE, in their Spring/Summer 2020 collection, I think this just proves it's not about what you wear, it's how you style it.

I've put together 3 outfits to help you get inspired the next time you find yourself stuck between really loving something but having to resist.  Now you can.

H&M Jeans (£34.99) / ZARA Printed Draped Dress (£29.99) // MANGO Braided Bag (£35.99) // TOPSHOP Green Knot Mules (£42.00)
TOPSHOP Washed Black Jeans (£40.00) // ZARA Textured Dress (£29.99) // ZARA Leather Mini Crossbody Bag (£29.99) // ZARA Soft Leather Pumps (£95.99)
TOPSHOP Washed Black Jeans (£40.00) // ZARA Mini Draped Dress (£29.99) // MANGO Mini Croc Effect Bag (£19.99) // MANGO Leather Braided Mules (£59.99)