Ok, so you're probably wondering how that sum actually makes any sense.  How can sustainable fashion and Winter florals equal more money?  Let me explain......

Winter florals are curently trending this season but that doesn't mean you need to go out and buy yourself another dress.  You can if you want to, as long as you rewear it and rework it into your already existing wardrobe.  The great thing about Winter florals is that you can wear your Summer dresses this season too.  And I'm sure we all have them stored away whilst we impatiently wait for the warmer months.

With my styling tips, you won't need to wait any longer.  In fact, you can start wearing them now, even though there's no sign of the temperatures increasing, I'm going to show you how you can rework your Summer wear into your Winter warodrobe.

Before I do that, I have a confession to make.  I must admit I am an outfit repeater and there's nothing wrong with that, I mean just look at Jane Fonda.  She wore her red Elie Saab dress to this years Oscars!  The same one she wore to Cannes in 2014.  If she can do it, then so can we!

You're saving money and you're saving the planet.  Two birds, one stone.  Can't be bad, can it?!   Now I'm no Greta Thunberg (still got a long way to go) but that girl, she's onto something and we should be on board any way we can.  Every little helps (Sorry, Tesco, but I had to).

Fashion is way too fast these days, you wear something for 5 minutes and it's already time to move onto something else.  Which is probably one of the reasons you're struggling to save but it's such a waste too.  When it comes to fashion, pick the pieces you're going to get the most wear out of, the ones you can style in lots of ways so that you are saving money, and it's worth investing in good quality pieces that will stand the test of time too.

Sustainable fashion isn't just for the climate change activists.  And even though it's about wearing the same thing over and over again, it doesn't mean you have to wear it the same way over and over again.  Which is why florals aren't just for Summer, they're for life.

ZARA Floral Print Dress (£49.99) / H&M Jeans (£34.99) / MANGO Contrast Flap Trench (£139.99) / & OTHER STORIES Pointed Stiletto Boots( £120.00)

ZARA Floral Print Dress (£49.99) / MONKI Utility Trench (£65.00) / ZARA Tom & Jerry Sweatshirt (£25.99) / VANS Authentic Shoes (£52.00)

ZARA Floral Print Dress (£49.99) / TOPSHOP Brown Check Blazer (£69.00) / ZARA Soft Crossbody Bag (£29.99) / ZARA Leather Slingback Heels (£55.99)

In all honesty, realistically, it's not possible to buy a new outfit almost everyday.  It's just not......well, sustainable.  Which is why you should take your time and choose wisely.  Invest in basic, timeless pieces that work well with each other.  That can be teamed with statement pieces too, like floral dresses for example, to create a whole new look.

As you can see, you can dress it down with pumps, jeans and even a sweatshirt or smarten it up with a classic blazer and heels.  Whichever way you choose, florals are proving to be a huge hit this season, so it's time to dust off your summer dresses and give them a new lease of life.