Every year, for as long as I can remember, I've heard and read about people making New Years resolutions.  Growing up, I'd get asked the same question as the New Year approached us, "What's your New Year's resolution?" and do you know, in all honesty, I never really knew how to answer.  Because, quite simply, I just didn't see the need for them.  I couldn't see how a New Year had to be the start of something, well, new!

I get why people want to make new promises and challenges but why does that have to happen at the start of the New Year?  Why does the 1st of January have to mark the day you make a change to your regular life?  Why does it have to be the start of the New Year that finally gives you the push to do what you've always wanted to do?

This year is the big one, right?  It's 2020.  Not just a New Year but a whole new decade too.  Now, that's a pretty big deal even for someone that never makes New Years resolutions!

So, why don't I make New Years resolutions?  It's simple really.  If you want to make a positive change then why wait for the start of a New Year to do it?  Live in the here and now and make those changes as and when you need to.  It's healthy to evaluate your life from time to time and see where you need to improve for your own personal growth, mental health or even financial stability.  Whatever your goals are, reach for them as you live your life and keep working towards them.

Why make promises that usually don't end very well, for some of us at least.  And for those that actually manage to stick to their New Years resolutions, well, hats off to you.  You are definitely one of a kind and you have the will power to go far.  But for the majority, it never really lasts does it?

Setting small realistic goals that are manageable are better in the long term than big goals and plans that only set you up for failure.  I'm not saying you won't reach your goals, no matter how big.  But in order to reach your target, you need to take small steps to get there.  When you set yourself new goals at the start of the year, then by day 3 you're usually waiting for tomorrow to get started.

So why not make the most of each and every moment to work on yourself and your dreams so that when the next New Year comes, you don't need to stop and re-evaluate your life and it's journey, making new promises to yourself yet again, because you'll already be living it.