You could never really say that the satin slip dress is 'in fashion' because it's always been there.  It's only recently, over the last few years that we've learnt to step outside the box and started styling the slip dress in more creative ways.  

Layering, adding boots, maybe even a denim jacket or a trench, wear a hoodie.....the list goes on.  I could sit here and tell you all the ways you could dress down the slip dress that was once only reserved for evening wear.  But there's no need for me to do that because I'm here to tell you all about the latest Winter alternative to a satin slip dress.

And although the slip dress will forever be in fashion, a new more streamlined, demure alternative in the longer length with long sleeves, whether it be puffed sleeves or statement balloon style ones, has stepped onto the fashion scene.  

And I'm loving it because it's simple, elegant and as you can see comes in many colours.  The best thing about this alternative is that you don't even need to add any accessories, but if you do, then opt for the more dainty pieces, because this dress is best worn on it's own.