It's almost time for the blessed month and I know many of my Muslim followers/readers will be busy preparing for Ramadan.  When we start thinking about this special month we not only spend time making all those delicious savouries but we also think about how we can make the most of it in terms of prayers, good deeds and just making sure we try to be as productive as we can without missing out on all the blessings.

And what better way to do that, than with this super handy and very useful Ramadan Wall Planner from Live Love Gift.  I was kindly sent one and I know for sure we'll be using it in our home this year.  There are usually a lot of dates to remember and for me, especially towards the end of Ramadan when I'm trying to plan for Eid whilst still trying to focus on the last ten days.  It can get very hectic and I tend to forget certain things that need doing and then I'll remember them when it's almost too late and panic!  So this planner will definitely help me to stay organised before, during and after Ramadan.

I love how you can add your own dates so it's entirely up to you when you want to start your planner which is great as each of us have different ways of doing things so it's perfect for everyone.  There's a space for each member of the family to write down their personal goals as well as stickers so you can add in other important dates you'd like to highlight.  It's great that the children can get involved too and use some of these stickers to add to the planner for their own goals and achievements.  A great way to make them feel involved.  It really is just the thing for the whole family to use and see what's happening each day and keep on top of things.

Ramadan is a time for reflecting on your actions, gaining rewards, pleasing the Almighty and creating a connection that will continue even beyond this special month so having these lovely little reminders on the planner are a great way to help you achieve all those things.

Along with that we also have a space with important duas that you will need to pray when you start and end your fast.  Another important feature on this planner which is so helpful are the key events in Ramadan.  We can't always remember them and some I didn't even know so it's nice to gain more knowledge on them and maybe even find out more about them too.

I have to say, nothing has been left out of this planner.  Everything you would need to help make your Ramadan as productive as possible is right here.  Even down to understanding Salah and Eid Sunnah.  This planner is such a simple but clever way of making sure your mind is free from all the extra clutter so you can focus all your energy into making the most of the blessed month.  A lovely reminder to keep you on track.

You might have noticed that I put my planner in a frame and that's because I know I'll probably make a mistake, and then have to scribble it out.  If you know me then you'll know I'm a neat freak so this way, if I make any mistakes or something changes it'll still look great!  I can't wait to start using our planner and I know the kids are looking forward to it too.  I can already see that it's going to be such a useful tool for helping us to be so much more productive during Ramadan.

How do you prepare for Ramadan?  I'd love to hear your tips and advice.