Firstly, I should say Congratulations!!  It's an exciting time, looking forward to meeting your little bundle of joy and as you start this new journey you'll obviously have noticed a few changes to your body.  Whilst you take care of your growing bun in the oven, your body shape is making changes that you'll have to get used to and learn to embrace.  It can be a challenging time for your wardrobe.  You still want to look good and feel comfortable but at the same time you don't want to overspend on clothing you're not too sure you'll be able to wear for long enough.  You're in this kind of limbo.  Don't worry, because today I'm going to be sharing some of my tips and outfit ideas to help you through the whole 9 months and beyond.

H&M Dress
H&M Scarf
H&M Bag
H&M Mules

I've put together 6 outfits for any occasion.  There's something dressy, chic and casual too. I've included some on trend pieces, like those ugly trainers as well as regular clothing and maternity wear.  

I found that wearing my clothes for as long as possible without having to spend extra was a great way of being frugal and then spending money on clothing just towards the end when I really needed to.  These pieces would see me though the rest of the final few weeks and post pregnancy as well.  Because let's be honest, your body is going to take while to get back to how it used to be and rightly so.  So whilst your body heals, you need to feel comfortable too.

H&M Scarf
& Other Stories Bag
Zara Mules
H&M Trench

And since the oversized look is still going strong it's a good idea to have a rummage in your wardrobe for some key pieces you can incorporate into your new pregnancy wardrobe.  I'm sure you'll find some unexpected bump friendly pieces you can still enjoy wearing.  A few essentials that you should consider investing in would be maternity jeans and leggings as they are a lot more comfortable to wear than the regular ones, so that's something to keep in mind.  And not to forget, the flexible waistband is a MUST!  Forget buttons and zippers because the stretchy waistband will see you through your whole pregnancy and even after.

& Other Stories Dress
H&M Scarf
French Connection Bag
Topshop Jacket

Remember though, you don't always have to opt for maternity wear, although there are some great pieces available in many High Street stores like Zara, Topshop, H&M, New Look, Asos and Mango to name a few.  You can also buy regular clothing and just size up.  You'll be able to make the most of them after birth too and with the oversized, loose fitted look still on trend you'll be able to continue wearing them for much longer.

H&M Jumper
Love Hijab Scarf
Vans Slip Ons
New Look Jacket
H&M Jeans

Just a side note though, that it's worth shopping online for maternity wear in your favourite stores as there are a lot of basic and on trend pieces for you to choose from than in store.  When buying maternity wear just buy the size you would anyway.

Topshop Joggers
Warehouse Trench
Zara Trainers
H&M Scarf
H&M T Shirt

If you choose regular clothing over maternity wear then it's a good idea to keep in mind the style and shape of the outfit.  If you opt for a more structured outfit, like the camel coloured belted dress, it's likely that you won't get much wear out of it during and after your pregnancy. But if you go for pieces that are loose fitting or have an A-line cut to them like the black poplin dress below,  then there's plenty of room for you and bump and so even if it's in your regular size, you'll be able to continue wearing it for as long as you want.  You might even want to go up just one size depending on your shape, you'll know best.  As you can see from the two examples I've picked there's plenty more fabric in the black dress.

It's not like me to go for flats for every outfit in a lookbook but from experience, I know that comfort wins every time.  And anything without laces, buckles and ties are always going to win over any fancy stilettos.  Although I was tempted to add a pair of wraparound sandals, but I had to be sensible.  I know too well that bending down or sideways or whatever way just to tie those laces is a mission and a half in the third trimester.  So footwear that's easy to get your feet into is extremely important.  Which is why mules, sliders or slip ons are perfect!  *But I did add those ugly trainers WITH laces.  I couldn't help it!  Sorry.  You could always change them up for a pair of white slip ons.

Zara Dress
H&M Blazer
Topshop Sunglasses
Zara Flats
H&M Scarf

When it comes to buying a coat then usually your normal size will do if you're not planning on closing the buttons.  If you choose to wear anything bulky like a sweatshirt or jumper underneath then it would make sense to size up just to give you that extra breathing space. 

And finally remember to dress for your shape and wear cuts you already know work on you.  Your maternity style doesn't have to be compromised, it's all about styling a few pieces that suit you and fit you well too.  And if you feel up to it, why not create a capsule wardrobe to see you through.

Let me know which is your favourite outfit and what are your tips for a flawless maternity style?