Some time at the beginning of this year, K asked me if I could teach her French!  My answer was that I had no idea how!  I had never learnt French at school (I learnt German) so there was no way I could help her with pronunciation and anything really.  It was a whole new world to me and there was no way I could possibly do it.

Fast forward to the end of the year and K is learning French all with the help of these amazing books by B Small Publishing.  We've had them for a month and although this review might be a little overdue, I wanted to test these books out properly before I told you all about them.  Since we'd never even tried to learn French in our homeschool these books gave us the opportunity to get stuck right in.

They're simple and easy to understand and unlike the language books I'm used to seeing from back in the day, these books are bright and colourful with clear illustrations, translations and most importantly, especially for first timers and a complete novice like me, a simple pronunciation guide.  Not only has this been so useful for K but also for me too.  It means I can teach her to say the words correctly without making a mess of them!

There are 4 books available in the Hello French series including a workbook with fill in the blank exercises to practise essential grammar and vocabulary and revise useful phrases as well as a colouring book, which really stood out for me.  It's not your typical colouring book, it's even better because each page is illustrated in familiar themes and the scenes are all labelled with french words to help with recognising each one and understanding the meaning.  Each word also has a pronunciation guide and the english translation too.  With K being such a visual learner, I can see the colouring book being very useful in her learning journey.

Talking about being a visual learner, it's not just the colouring book, but the Picture Dictionary and the Hello French Beginners Guide are both very beautifully illustrated too and have all the essential words to get you started with a new language.  With over 350 French words and phrases it's more than enough to start you off.

It's always quite difficult learning a new language and so when you have amazing resources like the Hello French books it really helps to build confidence and definitely encourages you to give it a go.

Honestly, if we hadn't received these books from B Small, we might not have started learning French at all.  For someone who has never even thought about learning French, never mind teaching it, these books will be used a lot in our homeschool and K has enjoyed learning all the new phrases so far.  She's very excited to continue with the rest of the lessons and I'm equally excited to see her progress and join her on her journey too.

If you're looking for language books to help you get started then I would highly recommend these Hello Languages books by B Small.  Did I mention they also have a Spanish Language range too?  Take a look at the full range here.