Since we started our homeschool journey our collection of books has been growing and we now have a dedicated space for all of them.  A little nook in the corner of the room, just under the stairs where our shelves are filling up nicely.

We have a range of books from fiction to non-fiction too and I think it's so important to have a space like this even if you're not homeschooling to allow your children to dip in and out of a world full of knowledge, fun and imagination.

As you all know, K loves to read and in particular enjoys mystery and detective style stories and although they are always a great read especially since they help with her inference skills, I wanted her to explore a little bit more into other genres too.

So when I came across Parrot Street Book Club, it felt like the perfect way to introduce K to books she may not necessarily have picked for herself but would still enjoy them too.  The surprise element of this children's book subscription box makes it all the more exciting and the fact that you can choose a package that is targeted to your child's age and reading level means that it'll be just right for them.

You can choose from two reading groups; Parakeet or Cockatoo.  Books in the Parakeet category are aimed at children between the age of 5 and 8 with typically 100 to 200 pages and packed with illustrations too.  The Cockatoo category is aimed at children aged 8-11, with more than 200 pages and fewer illustrations.  So there's something for all age groups and you can choose to read them together or independantly.

Our subscription box came with an amazing book, from the Cockatoo reading group, called Max and the Millions.  It's a brilliant book about a boy called Max, who is used to spending time alone and more so because he's deaf.  Max prefers to give his attention to the little things in life, like making awesome detailed replica models.  But when the school caretaker, Mr Darrow, a fellow modeller goes missing, it's upto Max to take care of Mr Darrow's latest creation.  A tiny boy, no bigger than an ant and behind the boy a civilisation in need of Max's help!

This book touches on Max being deaf and I think it does well with raising awareness and teaching young children about the challenges deaf people can face and that they too can communicate, but by using sign language.  Along with this, there are also other elements of the story to consider, like friendship, power and what it's like to be small and mighty.

Not only do you get a book that you can keep but also a range of activities that explore the issues and topics raised in the book as well as lots of educational information and facts too.  I think K was very excited about the mini star sequins which I'm sure she'll make the most of when she makes the slime using the recipe card.

At £12.99 a month it's a great price for a lot more than just a book.  Packed full of activities for you and your child to explore and discuss as well as do crafts and so much more.  There are 3 different subscription packages to suit your budget and they also ship worldwide.  All that and it's letter box friendly too so you don't have to wait in all day either!

This subscription box will introduce your child to a wide selection of books that they may never have come across and open up a whole world of imagination just waiting to be discovered, including new genres with a range of writing styles that'll make any avid reader want to find out more.  And if you find it difficult to encourage your child to read then this might just do the trick.

Our subscription box was gifted to us by the lovely people at The Parrot Street Book Club and whilst I'm busy typing away, putting the finishing touches to this blog post, K is back from her Junior Club and curled up on the sofa lost in Max and the Millions.  The perfect way to end our week.