Would you believe me if I told you this was my first ever girls trip away?  Yup, it was and I enjoyed every second of it.  We, as in my sister in laws and I, have been planning this trip for way too long.  We always say we should plan something, let's go somewhere together.  And it just never happens.  Everyone's always got something on and we're never free at the same time.  Not this time though or so we thought!

It wouldn't be a girl's trip would it without a few hiccups along the way?   I'll tell you more about those in a minute.   Do you know what?  I think it just made our trip all the more memorable.  We can always look back and laugh at all our crazy moments together.  I love when everything goes just the way it's been planned, but sometimes you can't do everything the way you want them to go because it's not always in your hands.  You just have to go with the flow and that's exactly what we did when things didn't quite go to plan.

It all started in Walsall after we'd bought our tickets to Birmingham.  I had already booked our tickets from Birmingham to London via Virgin Trains, which mind you, was very quick and easy to do.  A bit like using an iPhone!  You don't need any instructions and changing our seats so we could all sit together was a breeze in the park too.  I completely forgot to mention that after I had booked the tickets for all 6 of us, A.B realised that the children were still at school on the day we were supposed to leave for London!  In all the excitement we had completely forgotten to check holiday dates!  Total novices!  And since we don't all live in the same towns/cities everyone's on holiday at different times.  Luckily the rest of us were ok, including me, phew!  But what about the tickets?  I'd already booked them and they were non-refundable.

I tweeted Virgin Trains straight away, waited half an hour for their reply and all the while checking to see if there was anything we could do to get the money back.  It didn't look very promising at all.  

"What if we lose our money?"
"It's going to cost too much to change!"
"The tickets are non-refundable!"
"What are we going to do!"
"I just bought a house!"
"We'll just go!"
"We'll have to cancel!"

My Watsapp group was on fire!    

Since I'd booked them I wanted to make sure I didn't let anyone down.  I was told to give customer services a ring and by now it was getting late.  Luckily, they were super helpful and refunded all the tickets.  I rebooked the tickets for the four of us, that's M.B, F.B, A and me of course, to leave on the day we had planned and for A.B and Z.B to leave the day after and join us in London.  I spent 2 hours sorting it out but at least our trip was still on!  Thanks to the lovely gentleman from Virgin Trains Customer Services for sorting it all out for us.

Ok, so let's rewind back to Walsall, on the day it all began.  We'd bought our tickets to Birmingham.  Oh, and how could I forget to mention that we actually managed to make it to the station on time.  All of us were ready and we'd even had our breakfast early for once!  We we're at the station for 8.15 am!   Now that's a very early start especially when we were all staying over at A's.  We'd had a late night, planned who was going to use the bathroom first in the morning, F.B had managed to pack her HUGE all important make up bag (can't forget that!) into the worlds tiniest roller along with her clothes, of course. And we'd told M.B to leave the chores for when we get back!  Because.....ain't nobody got time for that, we're going London baby! lol.

Moving on.

We turn around to check which platform to go to and you'll never guess what? Our train was cancelled.  Yes, cancelled!  It was THE train we had to get onto, to make it in time to catch the one in Birmingham.  What were we going do now?  I called my husband who made it back to the station to pick us up and we had only one option left.  To drive all the way to Birmingham!  And that's exactly what we did.  The drive there couldn't have been at a much worse time because we had to battle with the rush hour traffic and time was most definitely not on our side. We had to make it in time to catch our train which was leaving at exactly 9.10 am and not a second later!

To be continued....

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