Right then, it was time to get our train tickets to Walsall and with the Easter hols things weren't going the way they usually did.  We bought our tickets from Birmingham to Walsall, managed to get on the train only for M.B, A and Z.B to start getting cold feet.  They thought we were on the wrong train so were about leave until we showed them that we were on the right one and there was no need to worry.

The thing is, as I said before, because of the holidays there were no direct trains to Walsall.  We'd have to go via Tamebridge but we'd make it for sure.  It was the right train after all.

However, things took a turn at Tamebridge.  The rain didn't help either and it wasn't just a little bit of rain.  It was chucking it down and on top of that F.B was navigating again.  She made us walk out of the station all the way round and back again.  We were looking for Platform 2.  It had to be somewhere.  In all this commotion we got split up from each other, M.B, A and A.B were way ahead whilst Z.B was somewhere in the middle, I was round there too and F.B had managed to go all the way back to the platform.  We hadn't realised that there were no trains to Walsall.

Since we'd been travelling by train for the past few days that's all we seemed to be thinking of and it wasn't until I checked the information on my phone that there was a symbol of a bus between Tamebridge and Walsall.  I'd completely missed it!!  How that happened, I have no idea!

Things were getting quite crazy now as we were all separated from each other and still trying to somehow stay together.  Z.B was shouting F.B at the top of her lungs and I was trying to get hold of her on the phone, with no luck whatsoever.  I gave up in the end because my phone was getting wet and left Z.B to carry on shouting out to F.B.  Not that it was working, but it was worth a try!

A and M.B had already gotten onto the bus and A.B was trying to tell Z.B whilst the driver told A.B that she had to get on or stay behind as the coach was leaving.  A.B had to think quick and got onto the bus and before the rest of us could do anything, it was gone.

F.B finally came round telling us we had to get the bus not the train, which mind you we'd figured out already.  And since it was raining so much and we had no idea when the next bus was going to arrive, F.B decided to head to the office so we could wait inside.  Z.B was trying to tell her it was closed but since she wears a pardah it's kind of difficult to lip read if you can't hear her.  We were now stuck in the rain, freezing cold, no umbrella and soaking wet.

Luckily it wasn't long before another bus arrived and we made sure we got on it before it left us behind too.  We were finally heading for Walsall and eventually made it home in one piece.  And were relieved to be reunited with the rest of the girls after being separated from them for about 20 minutes or so.  It was funny how we couldn't stop talking about what had just happened and everything else that had gone on.  It really was a trip to remember.

We had the best time and every single experience has made this trip to London all the more memorable.  We can't wait to go on another girls trip again, this time with our other two sisters as well.  And do you know where M.B wants to go next?  Dubai!  Well, I'm up for it but we better make it to the airport on time cos my husband ain't going to be driving us all the way to Dubai if we don't!

On second thoughts, just imagine if we did..............

The End