As we continued to chat until the early hours of the morning, Sumiyyah was most probably tucked up in her bed at home.  We missed her already but we'd be seeing her the following day so that was something to look forward to.

Poor F.B's condition had deteriorated further and with a temperature, cold and cough there was only one thing for it.  Sleep!  In fact she fell asleep right before our eyes and it was time for the rest of us to get some sleep too.  Besides, I was starting to feel pain in my legs from all the walking.  And that wasn't the only place I was hurting.  My gluteal muscles were hurting too.  If you don't know what they are, just Google it!  And M.B's little toe was in pain as well.  So it really was time to get a good nights rest.   We'd planned to have a lie in and with no kids to give us an early morning wake up call, we were going to make the most of it.

However, how could we forget Z.B was there.  We were woken up by Z.B in the morning as she barged into our room shouting "Come on guys, wake up!  Wake up!"  I cheekily told her "I am awake" to which she replied "Get up then!"  At least she was smiling.   A and I told her to chill out as usual and she plonked herself on our bed with no intention of letting us have a lie in.  She continued to tell us what time it was and that we should think about getting up.  I told her that I was glad we didn't have to sign a prenup because she would have wrote it!  That made her laugh and in walked F.B who wasn't feeling any better.  She got in the bed with us and now there were 4.

I forgot to mention, Z.B is a bit of a worrier.  You see we were staying at Razia's flat on the 10th floor.  Which made her panic a little.  I don't know how she slept that night for fear of any burglars getting in through the bathroom window......10 floors up!

Oh and M.B was already on one of her cleaning missions.  Changing the bed sheets and putting the washing on.  It was time to get the hint and get up.

When we finally did get out of bed, we were met with the delicious aroma of a full english breakfast being prepared by none other than Razia.  She'd gone all out with eggs, beans, toast, sausages, mushrooms, halloumi and the list goes on.  It was the perfect start to our day, if you don't count Z.B *wink*.  Today was a slow day for us because we were heading back but before we did, it was time to go over to Sumiyyah's.

Remember I told you the weather wasn't on our side?  Well, it stayed that way and as we walked to Sumiyyah's it continued to rain.  For someone, who lives in the same area, Razia took us the extra looooong way round.  Even we worked out the shorter route and it was our first time there!  But never mind.  It was all good.  We needed to walk off the extra calories we'd been eating because we were about to indulge in more treats at Sumiyyah's.    

We had a lovely house tour and took a stroll down memory lane as we flicked through Sumiyyah's Wedding album.  She looked gorgeous in all her pictures, a very beautiful bride indeed.

It was soon time to say our goodbyes as we made our way to the train station.  A part of me didn't want to leave because even though we didn't get off to a great start and it rained the whole time we were there, the company was fantastic.  I wouldn't change anything, except for have our other two sister in laws with us too.  They couldn't join us this time but definitely next time, for sure.

We made it to Euston Station so early that there was no chance we were going to miss our train.  But we had plenty of time do a bit of shopping and that's exactly what we did before we got on our train to make the journey back home to A's.

As we chatted away about our time in London and all the things we did together and all our new memories we had made, our train came to a halt at Birmingham New Street.  We looked at each other, all with the same expression on our faces.  We had made it home in one piece.

However, our journey hadn't quite come to an end just yet.  Don't forget, we still had to make it back to Walsall.  Oh, but that was going to be like a stroll in the park.  Or was it?  We we're about to find out.

To be continued.....

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