They certainly made it in one piece alright and A.B had even made a new friend!  She was too busy chatting away to notice us while Z.B's face flushed over with a sense of relief at the sight of us heading towards them.  She hugged me so tightly I almost stopped breathing!  I wondered whether she would ever let me go.  Much to my relief, she did.

We'd only been apart for a day but we had so much to tell them and catch up on.  And today we were doing something which was completely out of F.B's comfort zone.  We, were going to a museum!  The V&A to be more precise and a museum is the last place F.B would go, even if her life depended on it.  But the museum is where you shall go because A said "We did everything F.B wanted to do yesterday so today we're going to do what we want to do".  That's girl power right there, that is!

Surprisingly, F.B loved it!  She was fascinated and off she went to take picture after picture of everything.  We were in total shock!  Something had happened to her, she wasn't well.  Jokes aside though she really did become quite unwell towards the end of our trip.  All those late nights didn't help but her trusty Night Nurse did the trick when we got back.

Not forgetting, Z.B had the urge to take her socks off in the middle of the museum!  She was feeling rather hot that one.  I could tell already, that this, was going to be another one of our crazy days.

Moving on.  Tonight was when we were going out for a proper meal with all the girls at Saffrons.  But before that we exercised our brain a little in Escape Room.  Although we didn't win, we did manage to crack some of the codes and open two padlocks.  It felt quite refreshing to do something different and we had to get shelter from the rain too.  A quick bite to eat, fish and chips actually and we made our way to Green Street.

Since Rizwana (Razia's Sister) lives close by it made sense to have a gander around Green Street before we went to indulge in a little tea party.  You'll never guess what happened in one of the stores. I got mistaken for F.B's personal assistant!  Should I be flattered or offended?  I'm not too sure.

Remember I told you shopping with F.B requires stamina.  Well, I seemed to have quite a lot of it. The rest of them were understandably getting tired of waiting for F.B to decide which top she wanted to buy.  She'd made it round the shop a few times already and it looked like she was about to move in!  I, on the other stayed to give her my opinion because she needed it.  We were the only ones in the store and the shop assistant was obviously watching our every move.  We head to the counter and still chatting about F.B's latest purchase and how she could style it, the assistant places the clothes in a bag, looks at me and hands it over.  I wasn't even standing in front of her or paying for it!  I kept my hands firmly by my side and made it clear to F.B that this does not make me her PA, therefore I will not carry the bag.  (actually I would have if she asked me to and she knows it)

The heavens opened up again and it started chucking it down.  We had to get to Rizwana's before we got soaked.  We made it just in time for a lovely hot cuppa and all the trimmings.  Pastries, biscuits, cake, nachos, fruit and so much more.  It was perfect.  These girls really do know how to spoil us, don't they?  And it wasn't over yet.  In fact, it was just about get started.

After chilling out on the sofa for a bit watching How To Cake It, we made our way to Saffrons where we met up with the rest of the girls.  Sumiyyah (R&R's SIL) and Aisha (Razia's bestie) were joining us too.  Unfortunately I lost all my pics when my phone crashed but I can tell you we had the most amazing food and equally great company.  Pani Puri, Bhel, Masala Fries, Masala Paneer, Mixed Grill and the list goes on.  And for dessert, we tried the deep fried ice cream!  My stomach was going to burst!

It was time to head back to Razia's and Sumiyyah was coming with us too.  We all squished onto the sofa and chatted for ages, drinking tea and eating more cake!  I should add Sumiyyah is one funny lady, she made us laugh!  And, she has great skin too!

Time really does fly when you're having fun.  It was getting late and so we told Sumiyyah it would be best if she stayed over especially since we were there too.  She got up to leave a couple of times already but sat back down again to continue chatting with us as you do.  She even asked what time it was.  The first time, it was somewhere around midnight and then an hour later she asked again.  I told her it was 3 in the morning in the hope that she would stay.  I almost had her until she checked for herself!  Was she going to stay with us or was she going to go.  Only time would tell.

To be continued.....

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