Did I mention that the weather wasn't on our side either and everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  But we were determined to make it work and we made sure it did.  Even with everything against us we still had an amazing time and through the rain and just the one umbrella between the 4 of us (don't ask) we made our way to none other than Dishoom.

Of course we'd seen all the pictures on Instagram and watched all the bloggers on youtube enjoying a good old Indian, so we had to make sure this place was ticked off our bucket list too.  I have to say it didn't disappoint.  Everything about this place from the decor, to the food, service and even the toilets was brilliant.

We ordered the Pav Bhaji, Prawns, Chicken Ruby, Naan, Biryani, Chutneys and Raita.  Although the biryani could have done with a little more spice, it really didn't matter too much when you added a little bit of the Chicken Ruby masala to it.  We polished the lot so that's saying something.  I would definitely recommend it and I've heard the Okra Fries are a huge hit.  I'm not a fan of Okra anyway but if you are, then I guess it's worth a try.

Once we'd filled our bellies it was time to make our way to Madame Tussauds.  Of course we stood outside in the queue, got to the front and realised it was the wrong one!  It could only happen to us.  We found the right one on the other side and although it was looong we didn't let it bother us as we chatted and people watched our way to the front. After all, we had our 2 for 1 promotional vouchers from our cereal packets to use up!  

I could not believe my eyes when we were finally inside.  It was as if A and F.B had been locked up for centuries and were finally free.  They went a little too crazy seeing all their favourites stars, especially Tom Hardy!  I have the pictures to prove it but I'll refrain from sharing them.  I'll leave you to use your imagination.  I, on the other hand, had way too much fun watching their antics and taking plenty of pictures!  

We'd been inside for a while now and as we were getting closer to the end of Madame Tussauds, we found ourselves waiting with the crowd to enter the Marvel Superheroes 4D experience.  That's when M.B, A and F.B's energy levels started to drop.  "Have you got any Lucozade?"  they asked.  It wasn't the first time I'd heard that question.  In fact, it was the third time today, not that I was counting. You're probably wondering why they asked me.  Well, I'm diabetic so I always carry some with me just in case my sugar levels drop.  But I'm glad to say I was feeling fine throughout our trip, however the same could not be said about my companions.  They're not even diabetic!  What would they do without me?  Luckily I was there to save the day like a true superhero that I am.  And F.B kindly shared her Rolos with us.  She clearly loves us, but how much?  I wonder who she gave her last one to.

Back to the Marvel 4D experience.  If you've never been then it's definitely worth it.  You can feel everything, and I mean everything!  Even when the Hulk sneezed!  Don't worry though, they weren't real bogeys.  I'm sure M.B would have had a heart attack if they were!

By the time we were done with Madame Tussauds the weather had cleared up and there wasn't a spot of rain in sight.  It was too late to visit the London Eye, which was fine by me as I'd been before so we headed straight towards Harrods.  By now we'd been on our feet for quite some time and shopping in Harrods was going to take up a lot of energy.  You see, we were with F.B after all and you need stamina to shop with her.  Trust me, I know!  A was getting tired, as was M.B cos she needed a cuppa, not to mention she was wearing wedges!  I blame the wedges.  M.B, if you're reading this, which I know you are, next time bring your trainers!

Eventually, F.B tired herself out too and they needed the toilet again!  Probably because they drank all my lucozade or they were just going to the loo to sit down for a bit.  I stood outside with our shopping whilst they put their feet up in the loo and made themselves at home.  They took their tiiiiiime!  I'm sure the ladies that went after them appreciated the warm seats!

It was getting late and I think we all needed a nice cup of tea and to just sit down for a while, so we headed to the nearest coffee shop.  We also had to decide what we were going to eat in the evening.  Should we eat out or should we just go to Razia's, get a takeaway and get into our pj's.  We'd had a long day and it wasn't over yet.

To be continued....

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