Since I haven't done a wishlist post in a while, I thought it was time for another one on the blog.  Usually you'll find a Zara Wishlist or two on here but this time I thought I'd do an And Other Stories Wishlist because there are few pieces I'm loving from there and I think you will too.

I found some great pieces which are in some of my favourite colours too.  Naturally, I always go for the darker tones and the deep blue and emerald green are just the right colours for my kind of style.

Ruffle Collar Midi Dress
Thin Strap Toe Sandal
Velvet Kaftan
Six Pocket Satchel Bag
Glitter Sandalette

Although I already own so many black dresses, I couldn't help adding the Ruffle Collar Midi Dress to my wishlist.  I love the ruffle collar detail and the gathered double seam skirt.  It's got the Summer vibes with the cut but you could still get away with wearing this one in winter with boots too.

Talking of Summer vibes with a hint of winter this gorgeous deep blue Velvet Kaftan has to be my favourite.  I love that it's made from velvet which when it comes to kaftans, I've never seen before and I'm totally loving it!  I can't fault this piece at all and I'm sure I'll be buying this pretty soon.  In fact, I think I should before it get sold out!

Shoes have always been an obsession of mine and over the years I've grown quite a collection.  It wouldn't hurt to add a couple more, would it?  These days I'll go for something that matches most of my outfits so I can get more wear out of it for my money and so I picked these Thin Strap Toe Sandals.  I think they're a must for every wardrobe as are the Glitterati Sandalettes!  I already own a black version so why not a sparkly version too in a beautiful emerald green!?  

And finally, the Six Pocket Satchel Bag.  I've been on the hunt for the perfect black bag since forever and it looks like a may have found just the one.  With six pockets and in my favourite colour, how can I resist!  You can never have too many pockets, especially on a bag!  If you're a mum like me, you'll know what I mean.  I often struggle to find what I'm looking for and feel like I'm always digging around my bag for my keys or my card and this bag would certainly put an end to that.    

So there you have it!  My And Other Stories Wishlist.  I hope you liked my choices and don't forget to let me know which one's you like too.  I'd love to know.