If you're thinking about homeschooling and don't know where to start or just find the whole process a little daunting then I'm about to share some amazing books that'll help you through.  When I first started homeschooling I struggled with what exactly I was supposed to teach K.  I needed a place that explained to me in plain english what I had to teach her and what she needed to know during her Primary school years.

It's been a long time since I went to school and my only memory of school stretches back to my secondary school years.  Although they help a little, I can't put everything into practise since the skills and information learnt during those years is a lot more advanced when compared to the primary years.  I can remember very little about my Primary school, but nothing that can actually help me to teach K.  I needed to teach K the foundations to get to Secondary school and if you know me I also don't like the thought of missing anything out.  I wanted to cover everything and since I'm not a teacher and have no training whatsoever, sometimes it was a little difficult to make sense of the criteria on the education websites.

That's where these fantastic books come in!  I wish they were part of our home school sooner, but better late than never, right?  The Bloomsbury Curriculum Basics range cover everything your child needs to know during their all important Primary years and although they're written for teachers in mind, they are perfect for us home school parents since they are for non-specialist teachers.  That's pretty much what we are!

These books are available in a range of subjects and will take you from Key Stage 1 all the way through to the Upper Key Stage 2.  Basically, the whole Primary education is explained with lots of background knowledge, lesson plans, more activities and cross curricular links too.  In fact, the Bloomsbury Curriculum Basics books also follow the National Curriculum so it's great if you're looking into or are already following this teaching method.  Even if you're not, you can still make good use of these resources in your home school.

I can see myself using these as a guide and with added lesson plans they will be perfect for teaching K subjects that I can't find lesson plans to online.  PE and French are just 2 subjects I wouldn't know where to start.  How do you approach Physical Education?  Where do you start? It's not just about running around and that's it! Although it may look like fun and games, there's certainly a structure in place when teaching PE so that once complete they come away with something.

As for languages, if you ask me, I haven't a clue.  Funnily enough, K has been asking me to teach her French and since I didn't learn French at school the thought of teaching her gives me shivers!  I have no idea whatsoever where to start.  I haven't a clue how to approach this subject and how to go about it.  Having spent some time going through the books I can clearly understand how to get started.  Although I may not know how to pronounce the words, I am confident I can use other resources alongside to make this a success.

When it comes to computing, we're pretty much clued up on everything that we need to do.  Or so I thought.  After having a good look through Teaching Primary Computing I've come to realise that there are some things I completely missed and so will need to cover.  With the help of the lesson plans and activities within this book, we are going to complete the topics once we have finished the activities in the Learn To Code book K has been working on.  We're working a little ahead so we've got plenty of time to brush up on some of the lessons we tried out when we first started our home school, and hopefully learn some new and important skills using the Teaching Primary Computing book before we move on to the next chapter.

I'm sure for many parents Science is a subject we are all afraid to teach.  I mentioned in my Educating K Series our lesson plans have all been printed and ready to go.  As we've been working through them in some cases we have been using our Science book from Galore Park to fill in the gaps.  Some areas need a little more work and explanation than others so the Teaching Primary Science book will be very handy indeed.  The Background Knowledge section will be my go to.  It has enough information for me to understand and explain to K as well.  I love the fact that there are also some Useful Websites mentioned in each section so that we can use even more resources to get the best out of each lesson.

At the moment our Art and Design lessons don't really have a structure.  I just let K get creative and use her imagination when working on her project and other activities.  We incorporate art into the other lessons we learn but having the Teaching Primary Art & Design book at hand will mean that we can add a little more.  There's plenty of information and history on famous artists and techniques they used, so we can definitely learn a thing or two from this book.  I'll be using this book alongside what we already use and spend time learning about how we can use art to express our ideas and thoughts visually.

I'm sure we'll be able to add a little more to our History lessons too with the Teaching Primary History book.  We've been working through right from the beginning and have reached Egyptian times which is always a very exciting period in history to learn about.  I'm excited to be using this book alongside our existing one.  And I've already decided to use it to teach K about the History of Britain and important people in History as I feel this book pretty much covers everything.

These books really do give me peace of mind and I certainly don't feel alone, which is how you can feel when you're a homeschooling parent.  Even with topics I can't  fully understand myself,  I have enough background knowledge to be able to explain it to K and if she asks me a question, I can answer it.

Previously, I've talked about books that your child can use in your home school, but this time these books are for us homeschooling parents.  For me, anything that'll help me in our journey is always so exciting.   Because there's always so much to take in, I've found it very difficult to make my own lesson plans.  The thought of missing something out or not adding engaging activities has always put me off a little.  But now, if I ever want to plan my own lessons, I can.  The books are very easy to use with clear explanations, making the whole experience a much less scary one.  You can put your worries aside knowing that once your child has completed Primary education they will have learnt everything there is to know and more by the time they reach Secondary School.

I'm very pleased with the Bloomsbury Curriculum Basics range and would highly recommend them to home school parents and new teachers too.  There's a wealth of knowledge to be gained from them as well as lesson plans to guide you through each lesson ensuring you meet the criteria.  In my mind, they are a great investment as they'll see you through all 6 years of Primary education.

So if you are looking for a book which covers everything, these are for you.  If I had known about them right from the word go, they'd have already been well used in our home school.  But it's not too late, I have already noted down how we'll be using them as they have now become a valuable resource in Educating K.

  *Thank you to Bloomsbury Publications for collaborating with Love Hijab Girl