Growing up one of my favourite lessons in History were the ones where we learnt about the Egyptians, the Pyramids and of course Tutankhamun.  I can still remember going to the museum and seeing the mummies and all the artefacts.  I was fascinated.  And so watching K go through the same excitement at learning about the wonders of Egypt, this book couldn't have arrived at a better time.

I have to thank B Small Publishing for sending us our copy.  They are a publishing company that creates beautifully illustrated children's books filled with amazing facts and information as well as fun filled activities that'll keep little hands and creative mind busy.  And since we're learning about Ancient Egypt we decided to get started with our new book right away. 

It's a great resource filled with beautiful illustrations and an adventures through history where we are taken on a journey learning about the way Egyptians used to live.

I love how it doesn't feel like just another book filled with facts and information but instead lets you, as a reader get involved by presenting it in a comic strip style.  Which is great for even the most reluctant of readers!  K particularly enjoyed reading the fact filled adventure and is already reading it again!  Usually when she does this it means she loves it!  K hasn't stopped talking about all the things she's learnt either.  For me, as a homeschool parent it means that the lesson was a success and it's a great feeling.

Throughout the Egyptian Adventure there are a variety of activities for you to get stuck into.  K spent most of the day perfecting her Egyptian necklace and making papyrus paper.  She didn't even realise what time it was or how long she was spending.  But because she was enjoying it so much it didn't matter.  She certainly put in a lot of effort and is already planning what she's going to do next.

My goal has always been to make our lessons fun and enjoyable because I truly believe that children learn better if they are interested and continue to be at the end of the lesson.  When a child  says they don't want the lesson to end or they want to do more then you know you're doing something right.

Our next History lesson is in fact today and I already know that K wants to do.  She hasn't stopped telling me since she started her Egyptian Adventure with The Histronauts.