We all know how inquisitive children can be and with every question starting with 'why', it can be a bit of a struggle to find the answer at times.  And if your kids are anything like K, who is always knee deep in solving mysteries, finding answers and making discoveries then you're going to want the Real Life Mysteries book by B Small Publishing.

In this book you'll find lots of clues to help you make your mind up about many mysteries like, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster and even Crop Circles to name a few.  Your mini detective will be very pleased to learn about them indeed.

I love how the layout of this book, with it's case studies and file notes looks like the actual thing.  It's like you've stepped into the detectives office, solving cases, carrying out investigations and analysing evidence.  This book really gets the reader involved and little minds ticking.  It's no wonder why it's been shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2018.

Before they begin their journey into the mysterious world of the unexplained, there are a few handy hints that'll help any budding detective solve the mysteries in this book.  It's totally hands on and perfect for keeping those little minds busy.

K's eyes lit up as soon as she saw the book because she's been reading lots of adventure mystery stories recently.  So you can imagine her excitement.  She couldn't wait to get started but not until I'd taken some pictures first because I knew I wouldn't get the book back.  And I wasn't wrong!  Pictures were taken and the book was gone.  K has been very busy solving mysteries and telling us all about her findings.  We've been having plenty of conversations over dinner discussing the whereabouts of Bigfoot and if UFOs really do exist.

If you read my book review on The Egyptian Adventure, then you'll know how much we loved using it in our History lesson.  I have to say B Small Publishing do not disappoint in captivating young minds with their eye-catching books filled with equally beautiful illustrations and bags of information presented in a way that makes you want to keep reading!