When I talk about modest midi dresses I mean the one's that are preferably below the knees, have long sleeve and higher necklines.  These are the ones I look for and it's a real shame when the necklines are too low that you're in danger of revealing more than you intend to.  And although you love the dress there always seems to be that one thing that stops you from buying it.  Even though we're so used to layering that even the most revealing dresses can be modified to look decent, but sometimes it's a bit much.  However, this season, I've been pleasantly surprised to find such a huge choice of midi dresses that actually fit my specifications.

I've picked out some of my favourites from Asos and although some of them may have a neckline that's slightly lower than you'd like or sleeves that are a tad see through, I thought to still include them in case you gals can't resist it and are happy to wear something underneath to cover up.  If you're looking for inspiration on how to style some of these gorgeous dresses take a look at my How To Style Leggings and Jeans Modestly post.  I've mentioned midi dresses and they are perfect with leggings or jeans  too.

                         Black Dress                                                     Red Dress                                                        Grey Dress 
                         Pleat Dress                                                     Blue Dress                                                        Navy Dress 

                         Cream Dress                                                     Floral Dress                                                        Navy Dress 
                         Mauve Dress                                                     Navy Dress                                                        Grey Dress 
                         Floral Dress                                                     Black Dress                                                        Floral Dress 
                         Red Dress                                                     Black Dress                                                        Green Dress 
                         Green Dress                                                     Floral Dress                                                        Blue Dress 
                         Blue Dress                                                     Red Dress                                                        Blue Dress 

I hope you like my choices.  Let me know which one's your favourite.