I've been thinking about writing up this post for a while now, but never got round to it.  Yesterday, I decided to do a poll on my Instagram stories and everyone who voted said 'YES!'.  Except for 2 people.  Which is why my Etsy finds post is being typed up right now.

If you haven't shopped on Etsy then you really are missing out.  It's my favourite place to go when I'm looking for a unique gift, something that's not available on the High Street.  Something just that little bit different and made by someone who's put their heart and soul into.   It makes it that little bit extra special.  I also like to support small businesses and as a business owner myself, I know how much each sale means to that person behind the little venture they've built from scratch.

I'll be featuring my favourite Etsy finds, with a different theme, every week.  This time I'm sharing my winter warmers, which translates into blankets or throws.  With the temperatures dropping as we head into a very cold winter there's nothing I'd rather do than to be tucked up nice and warm in my blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and my laptop.

Remember each image is a clickable link and will take you straight to the Etsy store.

I hope you liked my winter warmers as much as I do.  Let me know which one's your favourite and if you have any suggestions for a theme for next weeks Etsy Finds post, leave them in the comments below.