I love the smell of new books and since homeschooling K I've been buying a lot more books than I've done before.  I'm actually quite enjoying it.  We've got quite a collection of books and it's great for K to have a little library of her own to delve into whenever she's doing some research or just for pleasure.  She's always been a bit of a bookworm so I picked up some classics for her too.

Believe me when I say it was difficult to take a flat lay with ALL the books we bought because there were far too many.  And I'm pretty sure you're not going to believe the prices I paid either!  They were almost all under a fiver each, all except the collections and a couple of other books, which in my mind is a real bargain.  If I divide the total cost by the number of books I have then I paid just £1.59 for each book and we saved over £200 on these books altogether, so I'm very pleased about that!

So what did I buy?  Well, I wanted some useful, educational books as well as some activity books too, so I bought a small selection which would help K with her studies this year and hopefully for many years to come.

First up, I have to tell you about The Way Things Work Now.  I didn't realise it was going to be such  a thick book! It's jam packed with information about how everything from touchscreens to gears and pulleys work as well as escalators, lifts and so much more.  It's an encyclopedia of how things work with detailed illustrations and diagrams to match.  If your child is always curious about how things are made and how they do their job then this is the book for you.  They'll learn loads (and so will you) and be able to get all the answers to their Q's from this super cool book.

Next up, is the Science Factivity Kit since K loves doing experiments.  This book has some very easy to follow experiments for any budding scientist to try out at home.  With clear instructions and colourful illustrations it's a book I'm sure we'll be able to add to our science lessons.  The pack also comes with a molecule maker which I'm sure K will enjoy playing around with and learning lots about them too.

Then we have the Star Wars Coding Projects book!  I bought this for K to do with her dad since he's such a big fan and K has been really interested in Star Wars recently too.  She's always asking for extra lessons to do in computing so this is a fun project to do whenever she feels like coding.  I'm certain she'll be on the computer at the weekends too, busy coding her way through the entire book!

Since we started homeschooling, K has really taken an interest in coding and it's one of her favourite subjects.  She's always eager to learn more, trying out the different coding methods and challenging herself to see what she can come up with.  This is a great way to learn as she's problem solving and using her skills to code as well as learning new ones as she figures out how her instructions are working on the screen.

If you read my Educating K Series, I'm sure you saw the How To Write Your Best Story Ever book.  It's a book that K is always dipping into when she's writing stories or searching for inspiration, which is why I thought to buy How To Write Poems too.  We've been working on poetry recently and with not very many resources to teach K, this book is a welcome addition.

I've been looking for something to fill the gap for a while, so when I spotted the How To Write Poems  book I had no doubt that it would do just that.  Poetry isn't easy to write and sometimes, we need a little help and guidance.  This book is filled with easy to understand explanations, clear examples and beautiful illustrations that grab your attention straight away and help you to get started.  With fun activities and tips along the way, this book is already becoming a firm favourite in our homeschool.

I don't know about you but I love infographics and so does K.  They're amazing bits of creative information in bite size chunks which help children retain everything they're soaking up.  So this Infographics Collection was a must have in our home school.  The information is presented in a fun way and cuts out the boring text after text which sometimes can be a bit of chore to read through.  I'm sure these will be very handy indeed.

Finally, in the educational book department I bought this giant History Map Colouring Book.  I thought it was going be A4 in size but it is in fact double the size!  It's huge!  I've had my eye on it for a while now, so this time I just had to snap it up.  I want to add some fun into K's lessons and with this book K can enjoy some relaxing time colouring the pages and at the same time, learn a little bit of history to go along with it too.  Teaching doesn't always have to be done the same way; explain, read and write.  We can use other methods too.  Kids learn best when they are enjoying something and I'm sure K will love learning about the history of the world when she gets started on this book.

Now for the fiction books.  Since K loves to read, I thought to buy her some classics.  They're always a great read because they have a real story to them.  I picked up this selection of 10 books which include The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Secret Garden as well and Black Beauty and Alice in Wonderland to name a few.

As soon as I spotted Mary Poppins, I just had to have it!  Look at the cover!  I loved the film as a child and I know K will love to read the book too.  I told her about Mary Poppins and she was fascinated so this went straight into my basket, no questions asked.  I've never read the book so I'm also looking forward to reading it too.  I think it would be nice to read it together and I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about whilst we make our way through this classic tale.

Finally, we have the Secret Seven books by Enid Blyton.  One of my favourite authors, and I remember reading some of these books as well as the Famous Five when I was younger.  After K borrowed a couple of them from the library she was hooked and has been asking for more ever since. So this was a little surprise for her.  In fact she's already well on her way to book 3 and it's only been a few days since we got them!

Obviously, I couldn't forget about Nuh, so I bought a few of his favourites too.  As you know, Thomas The Tank Engine and Mr Men always put a smile on his face so I couldn't resist adding those to my basket.  And after our recent trip to London, I thought Mr Men in London would be a great book to relive all the wonderful memories again.  We've been reading all these books on repeat everyday and I love seeing Nuh's little face light up every time.

I bought all these books from The Book People and I have to say they do have the best bargains.  They have a large range of books and many at such low prices that you'll definitely make a huge saving.  And if you're homeschooling like we are or just a big fan of books then this place is definitely worth a visit.