Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Real Life Mysteries Book Review

We all know how inquisitive children can be and with every question starting with 'why', it can be a bit of a struggle to find the answer at times.  And if your kids are anything like K, who is always knee deep in solving mysteries, finding answers and making discoveries then you're going to want the Real Life Mysteries book by B Small Publishing.


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Kebab Recipe

Since everyone is a fan of the kebab, I thought it was time to share my Kebab recipe on the blog.  It's very easy to make with a few key ingredients you'll be making your very own kebabs in no time.  Dip in mint chutney or even ketchup if you prefer.  Or you can even make a kebab sandwich in pitta bread, filled with salad and your favourite sauce.  Perfect!


Saturday, 16 December 2017

Modest Midi Dresses from Asos

When I talk about modest midi dresses I mean the one's that are preferably below the knees, have long sleeve and higher necklines.  These are the ones I look for and it's a real shame when the necklines are too low that you're in danger of revealing more than you intend to.  And although you love the dress there always seems to be that one thing that stops you from buying it.  Even though we're so used to layering that even the most revealing dresses can be modified to look decent, but sometimes it's a bit much.  However, this season, I've been pleasantly surprised to find such a huge choice of midi dresses that actually fit my specifications.


Thursday, 14 December 2017

The Histronauts An Egyptian Adventure Book Review

Growing up one of my favourite lessons in History were the ones where we learnt about the Egyptians, the Pyramids and of course Tutankhamun.  I can still remember going to the museum and seeing the mummies and all the artefacts.  I was fascinated.  And so watching K go through the same excitement at learning about the wonders of Egypt, this book couldn't have arrived at a better time.


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Etsy Finds | Winter Warmers

I've been thinking about writing up this post for a while now, but never got round to it.  Yesterday, I decided to do a poll on my Instagram stories and everyone who voted said 'YES!'.  Except for 2 people.  Which is why my Etsy finds post is being typed up right now.


Friday, 8 December 2017

My All Saints Wishlist + 40% Off

I'm surprised I've never bought anything from All Saints since most of their clothing is right up my street, especially in the colour department.  Plenty of dark shades, black, greys and hints of blush.  Just perfect.  And since I haven't done a wish list post for a very long time, I think it's time for another one on the blog, don't you think?


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Perfect Books for Every Homeschool Parent | Bloomsbury Curriculum Basics

If you're thinking about homeschooling and don't know where to start or just find the whole process a little daunting then I'm about to share some amazing books that'll help you through.  When I first started homeschooling I struggled with what exactly I was supposed to teach K.  I needed a place that explained to me in plain english what I had to teach her and what she needed to know during her Primary school years.


Friday, 1 December 2017

Book Haul | The Book People

I love the smell of new books and since homeschooling K I've been buying a lot more books than I've done before.  I'm actually quite enjoying it.  We've got quite a collection of books and it's great for K to have a little library of her own to delve into whenever she's doing some research or just for pleasure.  She's always been a bit of a bookworm so I picked up some classics for her too.

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