If you don't love a bargain when buying a pair of shoes, then I'm afraid to say there's something not quite right.  I can't resist a good bargain, especially when it comes to shoes.  I have a collection that's too big for my wardrobe even though I cleared most of them out a couple of years ago.  Don't ask me what happened after that because I'm back to square one.  And as if my shoes collection isn't over flowing enough, I went on the hunt for more and came across a few gems I couldn't help but share with you too.  

I chose some basic pieces that, in my opinion, everyone should have in their wardrobe.  They're perfect for all types of outfits and can be dressed up or down.  With these basic shoes, you'll never be struggling to decide which shoes to wear with which outfit.  I know I haven't included boots and sandals, but I think you can easily get away with just these.  Although, I'd like to see myself try first!

Over the years, I've made my fair share of fashion faux pas, even with shoes.  But it's taught me how to be a better shopper.  It's always best to go for something that suits you and definitely avoid anything that doesn't look great even if the trend is huge.  You learn from your mistakes and I definitely have.

V Cut Shoes
Pointed Flats
Kitten Heels