Since my previous post was too long I had to split the post into 3 parts otherwise we'd have been here all day!  I've talked about how we're learning English, Maths and Science so today we'll be looking at Geography, History, Computing and Islamic Studies.


I remember learning this subject at school and enjoying it so much.  There's so much to learn about the world around us and because K suggested we learn geography too, I wanted to at least try and find something that would have enough information to help her understand all the different elements.

Originally, we started off with Twinkl.  Yes, Twinkl!  It seems as though we use that website for everything!  And to be quite honest, in the beginning we did!  As we were finding out feet in Year 3, Twinkl was a real life saver.  If you ever get a chance to browse their website to see what's on offer, you'll see that there are lessons available for every subject split into year groups so it's extremely easy to access any information you need.  And if you're looking for plans that will see you through the whole year then check out their Planit section.

For Year 4, I wanted something more so I went on the search for some Geography books and came across the Collins Primary Geography books.  I've only found these and another set of books by Oxford University Press and apart from those I haven't seen any other books to teach Geography.  I actually bought the Collins Primary Geography books first, before I saw the ones by OUP, but when I saw the price of the teacher resource packs it was just too expensive.

Not only did I buy these books, I also bought a couple of Atlases too.  I felt like these would be very useful in all our Geography lessons and I wasn't wrong.  I bought UK in Maps and The World in Maps and they both have so much information and can also be used alongside the pupils books too so they are just perfect for our lessons.

I bought both the student book and teachers book and I'm so glad I did.  If you ever buy any books for your child to learn from then I would highly recommend you buy the teachers book too as it has extra information that will help you to teach the lesson and also the best way to approach it too.  There are also worksheets that can be photocopied to go alongside the lessons in the book which are always great for learning.


This is a subject we dipped in and out of during year 3 as we were getting used to homeschooling.  No prizes for guessing which reources we were using!  This year, I decided it was time to learn History properly and so I looked into Galore Park as I'd read about it on a mum forum.

This History book is packed with lessons from the earliest historical facts and information right the way through to modern times.  It's the perfect book for our homeschool as it's all in order and I can teach K everything she needs to know.  I know that we won't be missing anything out and because the books follow a timeline we can work through them each year.  There are 3 books in the series and like I said before they really do cover everything!


I thought this would be an easy subject to teach since I loved computing at school and although it is somewhat easy, finding the lesson plans wasn't.  I couldn't really find anything online which is a shame since I thought that with it being Computing there'd be plenty of resources available.  Anything I did find wasn't up to scratch so I used what I felt we needed to from none other than Twinkl to keep us going.

Computing has changed so much since we were at school and now that coding is a big part of our technology I knew that this was a very important subject for our homeschool.  I didn't want k to be missing out so as I was searching I found the Rising Stars Learn to Code books.  I can honestly say that they are the best books for teaching and learning how to use basic programs as well as coding.  They are used by many of the schools here in the UK and there are 4 books which go from Year 3 all the way to year 6.  They cover everything from powerpoint and excel worksheets to coding too.

And because they are clear and easy to understand with well written instructions and diagrams, K can just work through the lessons all on her own with minimal help from me.  As well as using these books K has also been busy learning to code using the Code website with mini game type lessons which are always fun to do.

Islamic Studies

When I saw the Safar Publications books I couldn't resist buying the whole set, including the teachers resources.  Originally, I was just going to buy the textbooks and workbooks and we were going to just work through them as you do.  But having the Schemes of Work has shown me how to approach each lesson and get the best out of each lesson too.  

We're both really enjoying using these books as they are so colourful and engaging.  They have small amounts of information that's easy to digest and relate to.

Although K has learnt a lot about some of the topics, I felt that we needed to add more into our homeschool in regards to learning about all the Prophets and reading their stories too.  I know some stories but I feel like I don't know enough to be able to teach and talk to K about them so this will be a great way to do that.  

I first saw these books on Our Muslim Homeschool's page and finally bought them a couple of months ago.   I'm so glad I did and I would highly recommend them to anyone as they cover pretty much everything.  

Along with learning about Islam, we'll also be learning about other religions too.  I feel like it's so important to have some knowledge about other religions and cultures since we live in such a multicultural society.  It's important to respect everyone no matter what religion or background they have and I'm hoping that these books will help us to be able to do that too.


Although I haven't added Art into my timetable or yearly plan, it's something that we'll be doing in our homeschool.  Most probably on weekends or when we've finished early and we've also been trying to incooperate it into some of our other subjects too and getting a little creative.

I haven't bought any books that follow the National  Curriculum with this subject because it's all about being creative.  So I'm going to let K lead this one and along the way I'll teach her some of the tricks and techniques I've learnt at school too.

If she wants to learn about the famous artists then we can find lots of information online and at the library.  There are so many tutorial videos on Youtube that teach you how to draw in many ways using a range of methods and techniques so I'm sure she's going to make the most of that.  And since we are doing a project, which I'll explain furthering my next post, we're going to use the opportunity to get creative there too.

So those are all out other subjects we're learning in our homeschool.  Tomorrows post will be about all the other bits we'll be learning too.   I guess you could call them 'skills'.