Before I tell you all about how I planned our whole year, I think it would be best to talk to you about the subjects K will be studying.  First, I made a list of all the subjects K wanted to learn.  I knew we would definitely be doing English, Maths, Science and Computing, but K also requested we do Geography and History too.  And when I came across Safar Publications books, they were the perfect books to teach K all about our religion as well as teaching her to respect other religions too.

Now that I knew which subjects we would be doing, there were a few other little bits that I needed to add too.  Spelling, Touch Typing, Times Tables, Guided Reading and a Project.  I think these are important 'little bits' and skills that will help K in all the subjects she will be studying.

Then I needed to put that into a timetable that would suit our lifestyle.  Since English and Maths are core subjects, I felt it was important to do those everyday.  So I planned those in for Monday through to Thursday.  I've kept Fridays a lot more relaxed since it's the end of the week and everyone's usually looking forward to a bit of a break and Monday isn't as full on as the middle of the week so we can ease back into learning after the weekend.

This Year I wanted to take more of a relaxed approach, instead of piling on the work and then trying to finish it all.  I felt like during our first year we were trying to fit too much into each day and although K was learning, I realised towards the end of our year that just doing short bursts of each activity was actually more beneficial than doing a long session.  Smaller lessons meant that she was able to concentrate better and K didn't get bored too quickly either.  Just being able to finish her work gave her a bit of a boost in her confidence, which is always a plus in my book.  The lessons are now a lot more manageable and we finish all the work without any issues and with plenty of time afterwards to read her favourite books too.

We also always start our homeschool at 9 in the morning, if we manage to get ready earlier then that's always a bonus.  And K also has a set bed time, just like she did when she went to school.  This means she gets plenty of rest and also shows her that our homeschool is just as important as going to school.  So discipline in time keeping and routine is very important.  Since I also have a 3 year old if we don't stick to our routine then it can get very chaotic with me having to manage teaching and sorting my 3 year old out at the same time.  So for everything to run smoothly and with no pressure, we try to stay on course each day as best we can.

The great thing about homeschooling is that you can be flexible when it comes to learning so we don't always do everything in order each day.  If we have time at the start of the day, K might just work on 10 mins of times tables first.  But we always do English and Maths in the morning in any order and then we'll do one of the other subjects set for that day.  Reading also doesn't always happen during 'school hours' either.  As long as k reads for half an hour anytime during the day then it's fine.  Usually it's after all her work is complete or in the evenings whilst relaxing on the sofa!

So that's our timetable and subjects sorted, now to show you how I planned our whole year.