When I think about checked fabric it either makes me think of my school uniform as a 6 year old or a picnic!  So I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this updated checked print.  Gone are the days when checked was just checked and stripes were just stripes, because if you remember the striped shirts this Summer, well, then they were all about floral embroidery.  And it seems like the checked print has caught the bug too.  I love the mixture so I couldn't resist styling this red and black checked shirt dress with gorgeous poppies thrown all over it.  This was a challenge I couldn't turn down!

What's brilliant about this shirt dress is that it's not straight cut like the usual ones I've seen in the past.  The lower half is nice and flowy so not only can you dress it up with heels, you can also go for the more casual look if you like.  And that's exactly what I went for.

I couldn't help but style this dress with a pair of Converse trainers and of course black jeans.  I decided to work with the red and black, a colour combination I know too well.  I've worn both these colours together plenty of times in the past and they've never taken the road to 'lets's keep things casual'.  So this was my chance to play these colours down a little.  

A backpack, again is a bag I don't own but definitely did in the past.  I realised a couple of years ago, how handy they are especially if you want to keep your hands free and when you're travelling!  It's now on my list of things I need to buy soon.

You might be surprised to see my finishing touch to this outfit are a pair of doubled ended pearl studs.       If you wear your hijab as a turban then these earrings are perfecto.  They really are.  I'm finding it difficult to think of the word to describe it but what I do know is that it works very well indeed.

Make sure to watch my video for the complete look and let me know if this is something you'd wear.  And, how would you wear this checked dress?