I never knew I would be doing this post.  Ever!  But when Nasra from Twenty Five Stars tagged me in her Inside A Seamstress's Bag post, I felt like it was time to show you what's inside mine too.  Of course, I'm no seamstress, although I do know how to operate a sewing machine or two.  I must say it definitely comes in handy.  And since this one has a theme centred around careers I thought it would be a great fit for my blog.

I never look at myself as a business woman but I guess you could say I am.  I've been working on Love Hijab for almost 4 years along with being a mum to two munchkins, so my bag always has to be able to fit all my essentials as well as my two year olds too.

You can imagine what that must be like, but I've actually managed to continue using my small bag, which is definitely not equipped to carry everything!  I have a little mini backpack for my two year old and it's the best thing I ever bought.  I'm happy and my little one is too.  I've never been into the mummy bags and when he was a tiny baby I bought a massive bag from H&M which I used as my mummy bag.  I've done that twice and it worked fine for us.

Anyways, onto my current bag situation.   Let me tell you one thing though.  My relationship with black bags is very touch and go and I still haven't met the right one yet.  Over the years, I must have bought so many but still haven't found THE ONE.  For now I'm using my little one I bought from H&M last year.  I like it but I know I can find a better one.  If you know any send them my way please.

Ok, I think it's time to get down to the nitty gritty.  What's actually inside? Come on in, I'll show ya.

I don't know about you but I can't go anywhere without my phone.  It comes with me everywhere and that's mostly because I do a lot of Love Hijab business stuff on my phone.  I reply to emails and messages throughout the day and whilst I'm on the go too.  That's dedication for you right there!

This one is connected to the one above.  Well, I know it's connected but you know what I mean.  I use my phone way too much and the battery soon runs out.  Bringing my charger along with me means I can make sure my phone stays alive.  Seriously, I have no idea what I would do without my phone!

No, I'm not a crazy lady.  I'm diabetic.  I've never mentioned this before have I?  I guess you really do learn something new everyday.   Yes, I'm diabetic so I need to make sure I take my medication before a meal.  I always take my injection with me just in case I want to have a bite to eat and that's usually most of the time, especially if I'm going out of town in search of new hijabs.

Chewing Gum
My breath doesn't stink but I do get a little paranoid from time to time (don't we all).  Especially if I've had something garlicky.

I've been in plenty of situations where if I don't need a tissue, someone else always does. Usually it's my 2 cheeky monsters!

Tell me you don't have this or a similar lip product in your bag!

Hand Cream
My hands tend to get very dry at times so this hand cream is my go to for keeping my hands nice and soft.  This one's a new addition to my bag because for some reason my hands are always looking a little worse for wear when I step out of the front door.  Dry hands and fabrics don't mix well either so it's very important for me to make sure I keep on top of it.

You never know when you'll need one.  I never need it when I have it and when I don't.....You know how it goes!

Cards & Loose Change
If my bag was bigger, I'd put my purse in it.  But I've learned to keep things down to the bare essentials since I can' have the best of both worlds and take everything and still use a small bag.

And that my darlings, is what I keep in my bag.  If you're wondering what's inside my toddlers bag then check out my youtube video to find out what's in there.  BTW, I'll let you in on a little secret.  Sometimes if everything doesn't fit into my bag, then I'll use my little ones backpack too!  Shhhhh don't tell!

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