Last Saturday, I talked about which fabric is best for my hijab, so it only feels right to talk about how to care for your hijab and along with that some storage ideas too.  Just as much as the fabric of your hijab is important so is how you care for them.

You could buy the cheapest hijabs or the most expensive ones, but if you don't look after them then they won't last long at all.  Your hijabs are likely to loose their lifespan sooner rather than later, so any money spent will inevitably go to waste.

One thing you should NEVER do is put your hijabs in the dryer.  Never, ever make this mistake!  You should always air dry them as the heat from the dryer will ruin them completely.  Your hijab will start to get very bobbly and loose it's structure.  You'll notice this straight away when you come to wear it because it just won't feel right.

To be honest with you, you really don't need to wash your hijab every single time you wear it, unless it gets super dirty.  I'm not saying don't wash it and just wear it like that!  What I mean is if you've just worn your hijab for a few hours then does it really need washing?  If it does, then by all means go ahead.  But when you do decide to wash your hijabs or if you wash them every time you wear them, then always wash on the delicate cycle.  I wash all mine in the washing machine and have never dried them in the dryer and can tell you by doing this they last a lot longer.

But, as with everything, over time you'll find that your hijabs may need replacing.  That's understandable though as nothing lasts forever but taking the right steps to ensure you take care of them in the correct way will mean you'll get more wear out of them.

Now that we've had our chat about taking care of your hijabs, how do you store them?  This is one of the most common problems many hijabis go through because as your hijab collection grows and starts taking over your wardrobe space, it becomes even more difficult to manage them.

I think the best way to store your hijabs is to be organised with them just as you are with your wardrobe.  Your Summer wardrobe is usually different to your Winter wardrobe and I'm guessing it's slightly similar with your hijabs too.  There are some hijabs you'll wear almost everyday and others are kept for special occasions.  So with that in mind, I would suggest you have a system that allows you to stay organised and be able continue to do so without your hijab drawer getting over crowded.

Firstly, for the hijabs you wear everyday I highly recommend the storage rings, available from Ikea.  You can hang these in your wardrobe or even on the back of your door.  These are great as you don't need to spend a long time folding your hijabs and keeping things super neat or have to worry about your hijabs becoming untidy.  You can just push your hijabs through each section and take them out easily everyday.

Spend less time putting your hijab back properly and more time styling it instead.  If you have the space in your wardrobe then you can even hang more of the rings for the hijabs you don't wear as often.  Other clever storage ideas are to use a ladder or make your own using clothes pegs.

Baskets are also a popular choice, but make sure you don't get the woven ones as the wood can sometimes catch on your hijab and ruin it.  Drawer organisers are also a great way to separate your hijab caps from your hijabs.

Finally, for the hijabs you don't wear as often, you can simply roll them up and place them in a drawer.  Rolling them up means you'll be able to fit more hijabs in your space but also it's easier to pick out the hijab you're looking for without leaving behind a messy drawer.  

Having a system to your hijab storage really helps to keeps things all organised.  Whether it be by colour, season, or by the ones most often worn, use whichever system works best for you and your needs.  

I hope you found this post helpful and make sure to check back next week for the third and final post in this series.  We're going to be talking about the all important question, how do you pin your hijab in place?

Before I go let me know in the comments below how you store your hijabs and share any tips you may have.

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