Do you know what the great thing about style is?  It's that you can borrow some great tips from men's fashion and make it your own.  Which is why I'm bringing something new to the Love Hijab Girl blog.  Today, we're talking about Clever Spring Styles to help you transition from the colder months into the slightly warmer Spring season.

I'm going to be taking inspiration from the men's fashion trend of mixing smart styles with a good measure of casual to compliment the look.  Converse trainers with a smart suit definitely come to mind and this combination is a winner every time.  And if you like matching your outfits with your partner then look no further because I'm going to show you how to do just that with Bonobos.

In case you're wondering, Bonobos is a menswear brand from the States that focuses on the perfect fit and great tailored pieces.  We all know how important fit is because even the best looking clothes won't look and feel great if the fit isn't spot on.  Bonobos is known for it's signature well fitted men's pants and was named "best men's pants" by New York Magazine.  So when it comes to comfort, fit and style, Bonobos has got you, or should I say your man, covered.

With the white shirt dress being hugely on trend this Spring along with stripes it is most certainly not going to be difficult to match your outfits.  Taking inspiration from His look is going to be a lot easier than you thought and I'm going to show you how.

Navy blue is a very sophisticated colour but it's not too difficult to make it a little less formal.  I particularly took a liking to how Bonobos styled their suit below.  A pair of converse trainers really breaks the barrier between black tie and street style.  It's somewhere in between and works beautifully.  So when he's looking super slick in a suit then what can you wear to compliment him?  I've got just the thing for you.

The pleated skirt is still going strong and because this piece is so versatile it's perfect for styling with high top converse trainers too.  I would go as far as to say they really are a match made in heaven.  Since the blazer is tailored to fit in all the right places I'm keeping things a little casual with a basic white T tucked into the skirt.  And to finish, a leather strap Daniel Wellington watch to bring the whole look together.  See, told you we can look just as good, can't we?

For The Man:
Chinos | BONOBOS
Blazer | BONOBOS

For The Woman:
Blazer | H&M
Pleated Skirt | H&M
Basic White T-Shirt | TOPSHOP
Converse | ASOS

Shorts are the first choice for men during the warmer climate and rightly so.  But they don't always have to be paired with a t-shirt as Bonobos shows you, a stripe shirt works just as well.  Taking inspiration from this look, I chose to style a pair of culottes for the woman.  They're on trend this season and they are a great alternative to shorts when you're not quite ready for Summer and want to quietly move into Spring.

Talking about on trend, you certainly will be with this stripy shirt.  They're hot this spring so be prepared to see them everywhere!  It looks like we're really ticking all the boxes with this look because these velvet bow mules are doing just that.  A little arm candy never hurt anyone in the form of a leather wrap around bracelet with gold detailing.  And finally, a pair of sunglasses to keep those premature wrinkles at bay.

 For The Man:
The Band Collar Shirt | BONOBOS
Chino Shorts | BONOBOS

For The Woman:
Stripe Shirt | OASIS
Cropped Trousers | ZARA
Backless Mules | RIVER ISLAND
Sunglasses | H&M
Leather Bracelet | H&M

I hope I've been able to show you how you can both dress really well together and that you can take inspiration from anywhere, including the menswear department!  It's all about being clever with a few key pieces to bring together a look that will work for you this Spring.

I'd love to hear what you think of these outfit ideas.  Which one would you wear?

*In collaboration with Bonobos