Last week I asked you to send me some questions on Instagram.  I thought that I'd be able to do one post with all your questions but it wasn't going to be that easy.  Nope!  And I'm sure it would be way too long of a post to be acceptable in the blogging world.  So I'm doing a post for each question and rightly so.

The first question was sent in by @yazrajadesigns on Instagram and here's what she asked.

"How to wear leggings or skinny jeans but make it modest?  Or a replacement of leggings that works?"

This is a great question for a number of reasons because fashion changes and so do we.  Back in the day we used to have our clothes tailored.  We still do, but not so much for our everyday wardrobe.  We usually leave that for special occasions.  These days it's easier to buy something from the High Street and then wear it in a way that's modest.

Everyone wears leggings and skinny jeans, but how do we make it modest?  Since they're so tight fitting it can be a little difficult to keep things appropriate.  But we can work our way around it to stop you looking less than modest.

I have a couple of tips for wearing leggings.  Number one, make sure to buy the longer length ones so that they stay firmly where they should.  Leggings have a tendency to ride up at the ankles and so if you're worried about them being exposed then the longer length ones are perfect.  New Look do great ones as do everyones favourite, Primark!

Tip number two is wear your leggings with a midi dress.  Wear a longer length dress which falls just by your calves.  You're not showing too much leg and keeping your modesty intact.   There are plenty of midi dresses with long sleeves so you certainly won't struggle to find something you like.  My favourite online store has to be Asos and of course Zara.  You're sure to find something there and with the t-shirt worn under the spaghetti strap trend still going strong, you can easily adapt any style to suit your requirements.

Drop Waist Dress | ASOS
Macciato Hijab | LOVE HIJAB
Shoulder Bag | COS
Leggings | NEW LOOK
Faux Fur Slides | ZARA
Nude Lip | TOPSHOP

So how do you wear jeans?  We're talking about skinny jeans because that's what the question asks.  They can be worn pretty much the same way as leggings and the drop waist dress above would look great with a pair of black skinnies too.  But I'm going to talk about jeans in general.  You can adapt this look anyway you like.  As long as you're comfortable then that's what matters, keeping in mind you're staying modest at the same time.

I'm styling these boyfriend style jeans for a casual day.  They're loosely fitted so won't stick to your leg shape and worn with a jersey maxi dress with slits on the side they look super comfy.  Of course, if you're going to wear jeans then the customary Converse trainers are sure to make an appearance.  I mean, they would look good with anything if you style it right.  Since, we've gone all casual, we're going to keep it that way and finish off with a backpack.  What do you think?
Jersey Slit Maxi | H&M
Backpack | MANGO
Converse | ASOS
Tassel Hijab | LOVE HIJAB
Boyfriend Jeans | TOPSHOP

And finally, what's the alternative?  The big question!  Since leggings and jeans are a major part of everyday style what else can you wear that'll do the trick?  Well, I'm glad you asked because palazzos are back.  They often come and go and so, they're back yet again.  The great thing with these is that they're available in so many colours, prints and fabrics and they are probably the easiest to style.  Wear with heels for an evening look or flats for a more dressed down day look.  Throw on an abaya over the top and you're good to go.  You can even wear palazzos with a midi dress that has slits on the side!  The possibilities are endless!

Floral Palazzos | ZARA
Sweatshirt | & OTHER STORIES
Mini Bag | H&M
Dusty Hijab | LOVE HIJAB
Lace Up Heels | MANGO
Coat | ZARA

I was originally going to go for a block colour but chose a floral printed pair of palazzos.  I wanted to show you that you can wear prints and still be modest.  Modest doesn't mean you can't add a little colour to your outfit.  So, I've styled this gorgeous pair with a long sleeve, high neck top in black.  Since the trousers are the main focus of this look, I've kept everything else low-key.  I think this outfit would be perfect worn with a black abaya but I've styled it with a cream cover up just to stop the outfit from being all black.  Only because I have a habit of slipping towards the dark side too often.  Old habits die hard but you know Summer will be here soon (I hope) so there's plenty of reason to add a pop of colour.

I hope you found this post helpful and I hope I answered your question.

If you have any questions relating to fashion, style, food or life in general feel free to leave them in the comments below or you can email them to me on  I'll mention/link your instagram page if you like or keep it anonymous, it's up to you.

Let me know which look is your fave :)