Lately, I've been really loving mood boards and I've been busy admiring them on pinterest.  Since I got completely lost in all the gorgeous looking pictures full of colour, textures, styles and designs, I completely forgot to pin them.  I think it's time for me to make my own board on pinterest and clearly label it MOOD BOARDS (obviously!), so that I can keep them all in one place.  I think I'm heading towards a new obsession and this time I'm going to take it by the horns and go ahead and create my very own right here on the blog.

This one is one of my faves, blush and grey with a hint of gold to compliment.  For some reason I can't get away from the pink hues no matter how hard I try and to be honest I'm not going to fight it.  I'm just going to embrace it and go ahead and admit that yes, I still love pink.   

This season I have a thing for velvet and pleats so that skirt is my absolute fave.  It's got everything in it, I want.  My love for embroidery and snuggly blankets and intricate carvings makes up this mood board.  Of course, desserts are a thing of beauty as well, so who would have thought grey macarons could look this chic?  Not I, I tell you.  I'm all for going for something that little bit different so be prepared for lots more mood boards as I go on the hunt for plenty more stunning images to add to my collection.

Let me know which colour combinations and textures are your faves.