It's finally here, the day before Hajj and the moment you've been waiting for.  All this preparation you've done and now it's time to put it all into practice.  Don't be nervous because you've got this.  I know I was, but not because I didn't know what to do but because I was afraid of doing it all wrong or making a mistake.  But trust me Allah is with you all the way and you'll be fine.

So many thoughts will be going through your mind but as I said in my previous preparation post, take each moment as it comes.  Don't overthink it too much and go with the flow.

This is the day before Hajj which means tomorrow is the BIG day.  You need to get as much rest as possible as you'll need plenty of energy for the days to come.

Don't go to perform nafl Umrah as you'll only tire yourself out.  You won't be doing yourself any favours as you need to conserve as much energy as possible for the five days.

It's also likely that the Haram Sharif will be very busy because everyone going for Hajj will have now arrived so Tawaf too will be difficult to perform.

I would advise you to use your time to reflect and think about what you need to do.  It's ok to go and see the Kaaba and connect with the Almighty.  I highly recommend you do this and get into the spirit of Hajj.  Read your Hajj book to recap on what's going to be happening.  As it's the day before Hajj have a look at what you need to do on your first day.  There's a chance you might go to your tent in Mina tonight, so be prepared.  Your tour guide will let you know in advance.  But keep your bags ready and all your essentials at hand, including your medication.

It's important that you travel light and this is where my Hajj book was very handy.  Some books can be very heavy and when you only need one or two duas from there then it's a lot to carry.  Not only had I written down what I needed to do each day but I had also stuck down all the tasbeeh, duas and wazifahs that were advised to pray on each day.  I'd stuck them down on the relevant days and so everything was in one book.

By all means do not take large amounts of cash.  You won't be needing it.  Some small change should be sufficient.  But do remember to wear your wristband/armband or any ID cards that you've been given as it contains all the information the officials will need if you get lost.

We went to Mina the night before Hajj and were told by our tour guide to go to the Haram to pray our Salaah for Ihram and make our intention there.  I think it really helps to do that in front of the Kaaba.  It was very emotional too and you really feel so close to Allah swt, more so than you've ever done before and it feels great!

Before I see you in Mina let me tell you something.  You've probably heard the toilet stories and they're not all very pleasant.  But to make your trips hassle free and as clean as possible pack a drawstring bag with toilet paper, a bottle and non fragrance wipes (optional) inside.  Take this bag with you every time you need to visit the toilet.  You'll thank me for this tip later because it's a complete life saver!

I took mine every single time I went and having toilet paper with me meant I could clean the seat before I used it as not everyone does.  The bottle is very useful because there are water pipes attached to a tap in the toilet.  You don't really have much control with the water as once you open the tap the water just flows.  So if you have a bottle then you can fill it up and the water doesn't end up everywhere.  Lastly wear flip flops to the loo as you can wash them, unlike shoes,  when you leave and they'll dry in minutes.

Your tour guide will also help you to prepare for Hajj by organising a small get together, usually in your hotel, where they will give you advice and talk you through what's to come.  Remember you are not alone in this journey, they will be there to assist and guide you so if you do have any questions, I'm sure they will be more than happy to help.

We used to have a 'tea time' in our hotel canteen and we'd all gather round with a cuppa and a slice of cake to listen.  We also had a quiz at the end with prizes!  They really spoilt us, but I guess it helped to calm the nerves a little. 

Now that you're ready, shall we head to Mina?