You probably already have an idea of what you need to take along with you, but there are some essential items that you can't be without.  The last thing you want to be doing is going out to search for it.  It'll waste a lot of your time, although pretty much everything is available should you need it.

One thing I will say, is don't bother taking your best suitcase.  It'll just get battered and bruised from all the throwing around from the plane to the conveyor belt and then to the carts at Jeddah Hajj Terminal to the bus and back.   It'll most definitely get a good beating!

It's also likely that the majority of your suitcase will be empty.  Yes, you read that right.  I did just say empty!  There isn't much you'll be taking with you from home but you'll be bringing back loads more so it's still a good idea to take a large suitcase with you anyway.

If you're traveling with your husband/wife then put everything in one suitcase and then put that one into the larger one.  That way you can still travel light. 

You should already have a list of all the things you need to take with you but if you don't already have one, use the one below and then add anything else as you remember.  I won't be splitting the list up into what needs to go in your suitcase and hand luggage, as I'll leave that to you.  However, I will say that if you're going to be stopping over in another country on your way to Makkah and putting your Ihram on from there then pack all your Ihram, flip flops and other essentials in your hand luggage, preferably a cabin case with wheels.

Here's what you should take with you:

Passport & Travel Documents
Meningitis Certificate

Hijab Cap
Ihram and money belt for men
Footwear - flip flops/pumps/trainers
Shawl - for men as it can get very hot

Sanitary Towels
Hair Ties/Grip Pins
Sun Cream

Your Prescribed Medication
Vitamin C Tablets
Energy Tablets

Mini Quran
Tasbeeh - beaded and counter
Tawaaf Tasbeeh
Hajj Book
Prayer Mat
Other Kitabs you would like to take with you

Mini Sewing Kit or Needle and Thread
Drawstring Bag - to put your footwear in when you go to the Haram
Mini Drawstring bag - for your pebbles (Jamarat)
Safety Pins
Nail Clippers
Hijab Pins
Across the body bag for taking your Quran/Kitabs to the Haram with you.
Travel Iron
Universal Travel Adapter
Bath Towel
Mobile Phone and Charger
Carrier Bags - for laundry
Marker Pen
Sleeping Bag - for Muzdalifah
Hajj Mat - Buy one from Makkah to put down on the ground in Muzdalifah so you can place your sleeping bag on top
Lightweight Sheet - For Mina if you need one to cover yourself when sleeping

Although you can buy everything you need from there, if you want to, then take some snacks with you too.  You should also take some snacks with you for your journey from home to Makkah as it will be a very long one.

Once you reach Jeddah, and on your journey to Makkah you'll be given Hajj packs from the Saudi Government which will include some snacks and water for you to enjoy.  You'll be amazed at their hospitality as they're very giving and Mashallah even on your way back home you will be gifted a Quran.

Before I forget, let me mention that when you are given the Quran, check the Arabic inside as there are variations.  If it's not the one you can read then ask for another one and they will change it for you.

I would also like to advise, that if you are taking a handbag it would actually be a good idea to take a backpack with you instead.  I took an oversized handbag and after a while it gets very difficult to carry around with you especially if it's heavy.  On my way home I put everything into a backpack and having my hands free was so much easier and much better for my back and shoulders too.

If you don't have one then I would say get one anyway as I highly recommend packing all your Hajj essentials into a backpack, for the five days, instead of a mini suitcase or a holdall.  It will make things so much easier for you and a lot better to carry around too, especially when you need to get onto the bus and when you'll be walking too.

Unfortunately not all of us are able to do everything with ease.  Some of us may find standing up and praying difficult due to old age or illness and also walking may be a bit more challenging too.  If you are a wheelchair user then do take your own, although you can hire one there, it's much better to take your own so that you can cut the waiting time and get on with as much as you can.  If you need to, then you can also use a mini stool from the Haram to sit and pray your Salaah.  But there is no guarantee that one will be available as there are so many people during Hajj season.  It would be a good idea to take your own from home or buy one when you get there.    

I think I've pretty much covered everything that you'll need to take with you, but if you think I've missed something out then feel free to comment below so others can benefit too.

Now that you're all packed, it's almost time to go.  A few more days and you'll be on your way to the blessed land.  I can't wait, can you?