It's the final day of Hajj and it's the day you've been looking forward to.  To finally be able to complete your Hajj and each step that comes with it.

There's only one more thing left to do and that's throwing your pebbles at the three Jamaraat for one last time.  Today's going to be a very busy day as everyone prepares to get ready to leave.  In some ways it's a bittersweet moment as you leave behind what's been your home for the last 5 days mixed with the emotions of knowing you are so close to completing this blessed journey.

Everyone's busy packing their bags and as your tour guide takes the wheelchair users and your luggage by bus, you're almost ready to start your journey back to Makkah too.

As I said before, take it easy as there'll be a large number of people heading in the same direction and the need to leave the Mina border before sunset will be on everyone's mind.  But there's nothing to worry about.  You'll have plenty of time.  The Jamaraat are very close to the border so you won't have to walk a long distance to cross it and you'll make it in time.

I would advise you to stay with your group instead of heading out early thinking you'll get everything done quicker.  With the temperature at it's highest during the early afternoon and with no shade and in direct sunlight you don't want to be getting a sunstroke.  So it's best to leave a little later in the afternoon. 

The walk back to Makkah will be very busy with lots of people around you.  It'll be hot so keep some water or energy drinks with you to stay hydrated.  Depending on the time you left you may even have to pray Salaah on the roadside.

I can remember the walk back to Makkah so clearly.  We got separated from the rest of the group.  There were too many people and so waiting for each other was impossible to do.  I got worried and thought, 'now what!', not realising that the rest of the people were all heading in the same direction we wanted to go too.  It was only when my brother said, 'just follow everyone else' that it clicked!

The first thing we did when we reached Makkah was go to see the Kaaba.  We missed seeing it.  It was like we were visiting an old friend.  Just dropping in to say hi. We sat there and just took a moment to relax before we made our way back to our hotel.

It felt different being back.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mean it in a bad way but it felt like for those 5 days we had been on another planet altogether.  It didn't feel like we'd only been a short distance away or that we were even here on Earth!  We had no idea what had happened in the world during those five days.  We had been in our own World.  It's crazy but it really does feel like that.  You have no idea what's been going on except for worshiping Allah.  That's been your only focus.  It's hard for you to imagine what I'm saying but when you're there you'll know what I'm saying.  And if you've been then you totally understand me.        
Your Hajj has been a truly amazing experience and you've made plenty of stories that you'll be able to share too.  You've done fantastically well, so Hajj Mabrook, Congratulations, May Allah swt accept your Hajj, all your efforts, your Ibadah and all your duas Inshallah, Ameen.

It's almost time for me to finish my Hajj experience series and if anything, I'm feeling a little sad.  I've felt like I've been on this journey all over again as I see everything in front of me.  All those memories, that I'd love to relive over and over again one day Inshallah.

I'm not going to end it here, not just yet anyway.  How can I when I haven't even talked about Madinah yet?

Are you ready?  I'm ready.  Let's go.