You've done a lot today and the day or night hasn't ended yet!  There's still more to do and then the walk back to Mina.  Let me just tell you one thing, no matter how tired you are that walk back to Mina will be full of laughter and so enjoyable.  You'll have this special bond with your Hajj friends and it stays with you for life.

Now back to what's happening now.  If you've had news that your Qurbani 's done, then you can cut your hair and take your Ihram off.  Have a bath and wear clean clothes.  You're one of the lucky ones!  However, if it hasn't been done yet, and it's possible that it hasn't, then you can go and perform the Tawaf-e-Ziyaarat anyway.

Your Qurbani may even be done the next day.  That's when you'll be able to cut your hair and take off your Ihram.  It's ok though, think of it this way, the longer you're in Ihram, the more reward you get.  So it's all good after all.

Before you went for Hajj, the Haram used to be full.  But today, right now, it's jam packed.  That was nothing compared to today.  Everyone is doing the same as you so expect the whole process to take anything up to 4 hours.  It's long.  You'll be moving very slowly around the Kaaba, so try not to get frustrated.  You'll already be tired and want everything to be over but you're half way there now and Hajj is almost over.  You've done well so far, keep it up.  To be quite honest, once you're doing Tawaf and Saee you won't even notice how long it's taking.  It's only when you check the time after you're done that you think, 'Really?  That long?!'

For wheelchair users it may be slightly longer as movement will be slower.  There'll be a lot of congestion, especially when you reach the starting point each time during your Tawaf as more people begin to join.  Expect to be moving very slowly.  Once you make your way past this part, your Tawaf shouldn't be a problem but like I said before there's going to be a lot more people than usual so be prepared.   You'll have access to a lift so that you can reach each of the floors with ease but once again there'll be a long queue and you may be waiting for a while.  Although wheelchair are available for you to borrow, take your own wheelchair with you if you have one as this will cut the waiting time.

Keep your own footwear with you because if like us you get split up in the crowd, you'll have to walk barefoot back to your hotel.  The crowds were massive and we ended up going one way whilst my dad another as we were looking for somewhere to start our Tawaf.  We decided to carry on and meet up at the hotel.  There was no point looking for each other because there were just too many people.  Don't panic if you happen to get split up.  Just continue with your Tawaf or Saee.  Before you start, have a chat with whoever you're with and agree to a meeting point, preferably your hotel.

It would be a good idea to have your Tawaf tasbeeh with you too as you'll need it to keep count.  Don't know about you, but I can't do my Tawaf or Saee without it so I always keep mine with me at all times.  Remember to pack one in your bag the day before Hajj.

You've finally finished your Tawaf-e-Ziyaarat and it's time to go back to your hotel for a bite to eat and a bit of rest whilst you wait for everyone to come back.  You'll be glad to hear everyone's stories and experiences so far.  You've done a lot of the major things required for Hajj and now all that's left is stoning the three Jamaraats for the next two days before the end of Hajj.

It's time for the walk back to Mina and as you make this journey you are a lot more relaxed and enjoying the company of your new friends.  You'll be walking through the tunnels in the mountains and when you look up you'll see bags, and bottles stuck to the fans at the top.  Don't know how they got there but there's quite a collection.  We spotted a shoe up there too!

When you get to Mina it may even be almost time for Fajr.  Yes, it's been a very long day and you did fantastic.  I can remember trying to sit down after the walk and it was so difficult to bend my legs.  Everything was hurting so much and so most of us prayed Salaah sitting down.  We were so tired that we all just fell asleep straight away.

And the next morning we were all ready to throw our pebbles at the Jamaraat.  We walked there and back to our tent and continued with our prayers.

Can you believe there's only one more day to go?  Are you ready?  Come on then, let's do this.