You've finally made it to Muzdalifah and you'll see it all looks the same!  It's easy to get lost here if you're not careful but don't worry I'm sure you'll have made plenty of friends by now, so venturing out to do wudhu shouldn't be a problem.

Depending on when you arrive here it might be empty, which means you're one of the lucky few or it might be full.  If it's full you'll have to find somewhere to sleep.  Don't worry, theres plenty of space for everyone.

These days Muzdalifah has come a long way.  There's plenty of food and snacks being sold there as well as hot tea and samosas!  There are even toilets here and plenty of water to go round.  Back when I was ten, there were no toilets in sight and there was one tap with water trickling out from it.  Hardly any water to do wudhu!  And no food either.  But do you know what?  I loved it!  It was like I was on an adventure.

Before you start looking for your pebbles it would be a good idea to pray your Salaah.  As you know you have to pray Maghrib and Isha together.  Here's where your Hajj book (if you made one) will come in handy.  I found it very difficult to remember so having it in a way I could understand meant that I could pray my Salaah with ease.  Not only did it help me, but also the other ladies in my group too.

Now it's time to go collect those pebbles.  As I told you before, we took our then three year old daughter with us and she really enjoyed looking for pebbles with us.  I'd bought us all small drawstring bags and got her a pink one.  She not only collected pebbles but plenty of dust too!  Half her bag was full of dust.  No wonder it was so heavy!

Before you go to sleep here, let me tell you that duas are accepted here too just as they are in Arafat.  So, go for it and pray your heart out.  Ask for everything you've ever wanted to ask for and make the most of this opportunity too.  This night is also a very special one.

I'm sure you all love sleeping in your super soft bed at home and so you're wondering how you'll sleep here tonight.  Believe me when I say you'll have the best nights sleep here. You won't even know you're sleeping under the stars, out in the open.  And when you wake up in the morning, you'll be well rested and ready to tackle the big Jamaraat.

It's likely that from today you'll be doing a lot of walking.  Although it's normally quicker by bus, you're better off walking because during Hajj you can expect to be sitting in the traffic jam for a very long time.  And it doesn't help that it's very hot and humid too.  Walking will get you back to Mina faster than a bus will.

Today is day three, which means not only throwing seven pebbles at the big Jamaraat, but also Qurbani, taking off your Ihram and performing Tawaaf e Ziyaarat.  Then it's the walk back to Mina so you've got a lot going on.

Let me take you to the Jamaraat first before I tell you about the rest.