I love a good wishlist and it doesn't necessarily have to be fashion related either.  Homeware wishlists are just as good.  I'm planning on doing one of those soon because I don't think I've actually done a proper one really and there's a lot of things I've got my eye on.

Anyways, today's wishlist is all black!  For those of you who've been reading my blog from the beginning will already know how much I LOVE black!  You might even be a bit bored of me going on about it too.  But for me, black is everything.  It's my happy colour.  And it hides away all those bits I need to tone up.  It's good to me, so here's my wishlist from H&M.

Shopper Bag 
Braided Rope Belt
Maxi Dress
Embroidered Jacket
Suede Sandals

Before I go I have a little confession to make.  Whilst getting everything together for this blog post, I went ahead and bought the belt already!  I couldn't resist and was too afraid it was going to be sold out before I got the chance to buy it.  And I didn't want to be kicking myself for not getting it.  Been through it a few times so lesson learnt.

What's on your wishlist?  And have you taken the plunge and just bought something because you just had to?