As you all know I don't usually go for the pastel colours because I much prefer the darker tones.  Having said that though, I don't mind adding a touch of the lighter shades to my outfit in small quantities.

So when I was approached by Farfetch to style the Spring Pantone colours, I had to say yes because one of my favourite things to do is putting together an outfit.

I have to say this years colours, Rose Quartz and Serenity, are absolutely stunning and just perfect for Spring.  They look effortlessly beautiful together and on their own too.  The perfect colour combination of a warm and cool tone blending together to create a harmonious shade that can be worn by everyone.

Personally, I wouldn't wear an outfit that screams pink and blue.  You don't want to be wearing just the two tones on their own so choose one of the colours as a statement piece and add a complimentary colour to balance out the whole look.  That's exactly what I've done with my casual chic look for Spring.

For me, Spring is more of a transitional period from Winter to Summer.  It's not too hot just yet and the evenings can get a little chilly so a coat is the perfect way to cover up.  The Alexander McQueen coat in pink fits perfectly as the statement piece for this style.  Worn with these distressed Ralph Lauren boyfriend jeans and an Alexander Wang T-Shirt I can see the whole look coming together.  The jeans add a touch of blue without being too obvious and the white acts as a little break between the two shades.

What is obvious are the heels of course and why not?!  They are Valentino after all.  They add a very small dose of serenity and those heels speak volumes.  Worn with the jeans rolled up at the hem the Valentino Rockstuds breathe more than just a little oomph to this casual ensemble.

The must have accessory for Spring has to be a pair of sunglasses.  You gotta do something to keep those pesky wrinkles at bay, and these Dior sunglasses will do just that.

There's a lot of pink and blue going on, so as I said before, you need to add another shade to balance out those hues.  Anything from green to purple, brown, yellow or even silver will work and there are plenty of colour palettes here that can help you to choose the one that compliments your outfit.  I've gone for the silver grey/simply taupe shade which is reflected in my favourite Chloe bag.  Doesn't that bag just ooze style?  Wear it across the body to finish off the casual chic look like you haven't even tried.

What do you think of this years Spring Pantone colours and how would you wear them?