There comes a time in a blogger's life when you go through the dreaded bloggers block.  I went through it for a long time just recently and I thought it was never going to end!  At the beginning I think I was pushing myself, almost forcing myself to come up with something to blog about.  But no matter how much I tried I kind of just hit a brick wall.  It was like a cycle.  Every evening I would be like, 'ok, that's it, tomorrow I'm going to blog about something'.  The next morning, nothing.  Literally, nothing at all!  And it continued on and on and on.  Eventually I realised I just had to ride it out and one day I'd be able to get back on the horse.

So, what did I do when I was going through the worst time of a bloggers life?  I took a break.  Instead of putting so much pressure on myself, I tried to relax.  I stopped thinking, breathing, and eating blogging.  I completely stopped because I was putting so much effort into trying to think of something to blog about that it wasn't helping at all.  I carried on with just non blogging stuff and even though my blog was still at the back of my head, I let it stay there.  It didn't dominate my thoughts, instead I used my time wisely and just took it easy.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, especially when you least expect it.  I started reading more and one evening I came across some new blogs that I hadn't read before.  As I was reading them I started feeling a lot more inspired because I'd made my way through a large variety of topics.  Everytime I thought of an idea, I quickly noted it down.  By the end of the evening I had almost 50 new blog post ideas!  I could see myself slowly but surely breaking my way through my bloggers block.

With my 50 blog post ideas already noted down it got me thinking.  Hang on a minute, this is a blog post all on it's own, right here!  So the next morning I got back on my computer, logged into my blog and got started straight away.  As soon as I hit 'publish' , that was it.  There was no stopping me now.  I had more ideas to add to my list and I kept going.  By the end of the day I had written 3 more blog posts, all scheduled too!  I was set for a week and as I write this one, I'm already thinking about the next one!

It felt like such a relief to finally get back into the swing of things and it was so effortless too.  My mind was calm and relaxed and I was feeling so motivated, I just kept going.  When you really want to do something but you can't, it can get very frustrating.  But like everything else it doesn't last forever.    

Here are my top tips on how to beat bloggers block:

Don't put too much pressure on yourself.
Learn to relax.
Use your bloggers block to give yourself a little break.
Clear your mind.
Read more.  This can be anything from blogs, books to magazines and newspapers.
Every time you read something make a note of the key words or what you've learnt.
Make a note of every single idea you have.
Watch your favourite youtubers, there's always something you'll come away with.
Take part in Twitter Blog Chats.
Take pictures.
Start pinning more on Pinterest.

When you do finally start feeling like you can blog again, then try and blog as much as you can so that you have plenty of blog posts scheduled.  The best time to write is when you're feeling super charged and motivated.  But don't overdo it because the last thing you want is to burnout.

And finally if you are ever stuck for ideas one of my go to blog posts is the 'blog post ideas' posts.  Pinterest is a good place to find a fair few.  I like to look through them and pick the ones that I can genuinely write about, that way my thoughts will flow a lot more smoothly.

I have written 3 blog posts with 50 ideas in each.  That's a total of 150 blog post ideas!  I'll link them below.

50 Blog Post Ideas

50 Blog Post ideas For When You're Stuck

50 More Blog Post Ideas

I hope you found this post helpful and if you've ever been through bloggers block, how did you cope with it and what strategies worked for you?  I'd love to hear your experience.