Sometimes I find that my blog posts can get lost so I thought I'd share with you a post that I think I wrote last year on 10 Things Every Blog Should Have.  I've been blogging for a while now and I've picked up a lot of information along the way.  I've learnt so much and I'm still learning more each day.  From time to time I like to give my blog a little spring clean, just tidy it up a little here and there.  And I've found that even though I may add or remove a few things, there are always some things that are here to stay.

So without further ado, here is my post on 10 things every blog should have.

You may or may not agree with me on these things and that's totally fine.  But in my opinion the things I have listed below are very important as it just makes reading a blog and finding out about the person behind the blog a whole lot easier.  You're less likely to be going back and forth and to be honest with you, I think that sometimes not being up to date with the essentials, so to speak, can put people off.  Something I'm pretty sure no blogger wants.

So here they are:

An About Me Page

This is a definite must have and no blog should be without one.  Without it your blog lacks a real connection.  An 'About Me' page helps the readers to get to know the blogger a little bit better.  Make sure to keep it short and sweet and definitely let your personality shine through.  It's always nice to feel like you are talking to a friend, especially when you both have something in common.    

Contact Information

Another important piece of your blog jigsaw is your contact information.  Make sure it's easy to find too and there are plenty of ways you can do this by having a Contact Me page, a form or even an email icon.  If you want to be contacted by brands and would like people to get in touch with you then it's important to make sure all your details are up to date too.

A Search Bar

How many times have you turned away from a blog because you can't find anything?  I know I've done it.  It's very frustrating to visit a blog and when you decide to look for something you can't search for it easily.  No-one really wants to sift through post after post after post.  It gets tiring, is time-consuming and just makes you want to switch off really.  So if you don't have a search bar, I think it would be a good idea to install one and place it on your blog where the reader can see it.  There's no point in having a search bar if you have to search for it!  This brings me onto my next point.....

Easy to Navigate

Always try to look at your blog from the readers point of view.  Is it easy to find a particular post, your contact info or your follow button?  You want people to stay and come back for more, so having categories and drop down menus will help your readers to see what you have to offer them.

Social Media Icons

Since everything is all about social media these days, I'm pretty sure everyone and anyone out there has instagram, twitter, facebook, pinterest and the list goes on.  That's why it's a good idea to have all your social media icons visible to the reader on your blog.  This means they can follow you on your accounts and stay up to date with everything you are posting and keep in touch with you.  It's a great way to connect with fellow bloggers and readers too.

Your Name

Having my name on my blog, be it in the sidebar or on my About Me page was something I didn't really think mattered much when I first started blogging.  But I quickly realised that it was just as important as all the other bits and pieces that make up your blog.  When I started getting emails from people addressing me as 'To Love Hijab Girl' it didn't really feel right.  I felt a bit like, 'excuse me, but I do have a name you know!'  But obviously, my name wasn't anywhere on my blog so it was my own doing.  By the way, just in case you're wondering my name's Nazira :) 

A Follow Button

If you want readers to follow you then add a follow me button.  If you have one then check that it is visible when someone comes to your blog.  The last thing you want is for someone to love your blog but not be able to follow you because there's no way to do so, and then forget about you.  I think a blog should also have a 'follow by email' option so that every new post is waiting for your subscribers in their inbox and they won't miss a post.

A Disclaimer

This is just as important as any other information you have on your blog.  This is a small statement that protects you from being prosecuted and can be placed on a separate page, sidebar or even at the bottom of your post.


I'm sure there are blogs out there that have their comments disabled, just the same way as many Youtube videos do.  They probably have a valid reason for doing this but I think it's absolutely essential for readers to be able to leave comments on your posts and it's a great way to interact with each other too.  A great tip I read on another blog once is to disable the 'word verification' for your comments.  Doing this basically means that your readers can leave a comment without having to fill out those jumbled up words and numbers that look all squashed and squished.  Since I did this, I've noticed that I get a lot more comments because it's a lot easier for the reader and I love reading them too.  

Add A Signature 

Adding a signature to all your posts is a great way to sign off and give your posts some personality.  There are plenty of ways to do this and you'll find lots of tutorials online too.  You can also leave all your social media links along with your signature giving your readers a chance to find you elsewhere.  Chances are if they like your blog, they'll want to follow you too.

So there we are! My top 10 things every blog should have.  I hope you found this post helpful, let me know what you think in the comments below.  Do you agree or disagree? What are your thoughts?  Would love to know :)