This Spring we're going to be seeing a lot of colour in the form of patchwork floral prints and stunning embroidery with a vintage vibe.

I've already spotted two of my favourite stores, H&M and Asos, with these gorgeous clutches and it won't be long before the rest of them follow too.

So I thought it was the right time to let you know that I have them in too!  I'm so excited to show you how beautiful they are and at a fraction of the price, it won't leave a dent in your purse and it's a must have for every wardrobe.

Vintage Threads Clutch Bag Collection | £15 | LOVE HIJAB

Let me tell you a little bit about these bags.  Each one is handmade using vintage embroidered fabrics collected over the course of the years from the Banjara tribes.  The beauty of these authentic clutch bags is that they are one of a kind which means you won't find another one that looks exactly the same, anywhere.  And in the fashion world you know that means it's a valued piece of art to add to your collection.

 Vintage Threads Clutch Bag Collection | £16 | LOVE HIJAB

Before I leave you, here's a 10% off code for you to use when you purchase one of these beautiful clutch bags from Love Hijab.  Enter 'THREADS' at the checkout.

Happy shopping and thanks for reading :)