I first came across the Graze box when I spotted it in one of those leaflets that always falls out of the magazine, and I thought it was a brilliant idea.  That, was a very long time ago when I didn't have any children and wasn't married!

So here I am in 2015 looking back at the Graze box once again.  After many months of 'umming' and 'aahhing' about whether I should get the Graze box I finally took the plunge and placed an order a couple of weeks ago.

I thought the Graze box would be ideal for my 6 year olds packed lunch especially since I'm always looking for healthier alternatives to crisps and chocolates.  Preparing a packed lunch can end up being the same old thing everyday and so I like to always make sure there's plenty of different meals and snacks to make lunch time a lot more enjoyable. 

Usually, I buy lots of healthy snacks for her lunches, but the downside to this is that a lot goes to waste as there's too much left over and some things don't always last as long either.  I found with the Graze box there's lots more variety and with each snack individually packed, it makes packed lunches much easier and a whole lot more fun and interesting.  She loves to pick out a snack the night before school and always eats them too.  Every day there's something different for her to try and so far she's loving them.

The snacks range from pretzels to fruit and nuts, breadsticks, dips and olives too.  In case you're wondering, 'what if there's something I don't like to eat?'  Well, worry not!  Because when you place an order online you have the option to choose from a list of snacks.  So if there's anything that doesn't take your fancy then just uncheck that one, like we did with the red onion marmalade with Scottish cheddar oatcakes!

I have to say, I love packaging and the Graze box doesn't disappoint.  It's perfect for kids and from the moment you see the box you'll know!  The box comes with your child's name on the front and inside you'll find plenty of games and activities to keep them busy.

We're already onto our 3rd and 4th box and at £3.99 per box, I think it's definitely worth the money for the variety of snacks and most importantly, a happy child.

If you are interested in subscribing to the Graze box you'll find all the details on their website.  And it's not just for kids, you can get one for yourself too.  I'm tempted to try one out for myself now!

Have you tried the Graze box?  What's your favourite snack?

*This is not a sponsored post