I challenged myself to write a post every other day and I've been doing well so far.  Although this post is a little late by a few hours, I'm still on track.  I knew I wanted to write a post yesterday but sometimes life happens.  And that's fine.  I've been joining in a lot of twitter chats lately, where we've been discussing blog/life balance and how bloggers feel if they miss a day.  I do feel like I'm letting my readers down, but sometimes, try as I might, it just can't be helped.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy today's post. 

Like every other blogger out there, I can have my moments when I get a little stuck on what to blog about.  It might sound a little strange, especially since I've got my own set of 50 Blog Post ideas right here on my blog!  But, I just don't feel like doing any of them.

So, when I wasn't actually looking for ideas and I was just reading every one elses blogs, I came across the Laze Sundaze blog by Preet Aujla.  Number 41, in her 50 Blog Post Ideas For New Bloggers post, just stood out for me.  I knew that's the one I wanted to do next.  So without further ado, here are my recent Pinterest finds.

As usual,there's a lot of gorgeous dresses, abayas, shoes and jewellery!  I'm sure you all know me by now.  Be sure to follow me on Pinterest if you like what you see :)