Monday, 22 June 2015

How To Wear A Floral Maxi Dress This Season

This season we're seeing a lot of florals and they're looking very pretty too.  I'm one of those people that loves flowers so this trend is just perfect for me.  But, even though I adore anything floral (as long as it looks good) the last thing I want is to look like I'm dressed in wallpaper!  Or worst still, in a pair of my grannys curtains!  So I've picked out a few accessories to give the florals a bit of an edge.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Grab A Bargain In Our 20% off Sale At Love Hijab

We all love a good sale or two don't we?  It's one of those things in our lives we wait for every season.  I know I do.  Sometimes, I manage to find some great bargains and others not so.  But even still, I do enjoy going just in case I find something I can't be without.

So, this week at Love Hijab I decided it was time to treat you to a little something.  It's my turn to be on the other side and give you the chance to grab a bargain in our 20% off sale at Love Hijab.


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Catwalk Copycat | Valentino V Jovonna

After the success of my first catwalk copycat post I thought it would be a good idea to do another one.  However, this one was not planned.  I was actually looking for a casual midi length dress, when I came across the black embroidered dress by Jovonna and instantly felt like it had a bit of a Valentino vibe to it.  And since I have a soft spot for gorgeously embroidered dresses like the ones in Valentino's SS14 collection, I knew I had to write about it on my blog. 


Sunday, 14 June 2015

10 No Bake Dessert Recipes You Have To Try!

Being so used to the colder climate here in the UK, it's always a welcome change when the sun finally comes out.  This week, we've had some lovely weather.  Warmer weather means that we can spend more time outdoors soaking up the sun and filling up on some much needed vitamin D.

Although we look forward to summer every year,  we are so not used to the extreme temperatures.  So is it any wonder, that with the sun blaring and the heat from the oven not helping, baking has no choice but to take a back seat.  Which is why this calls for some no bake dessert recipes.

I've found 10, including a no bake chocolate cake!  Now that, is something you don't want to miss!

no bake recipes

Friday, 12 June 2015

Hijab Inspiration and Plain Jane Maxi Scarves

As someone who wears the hijab, I know all too well the lengths we hijabis will go to when we need to find the perfect scarf to match our outfit.  We can't go out with a mis-matched scarf, can we?  I'm not saying mis-matched can't look good, because it can when it's done right.  But there comes a time in a hijabis life that a matching scarf is the only thing that will do.  

So I decided it was time for Love Hijab to stock up on some much needed Plain Jane scarf colours.  I remember calling them Plain Jane back when I started Love Hijab 2 years ago.  In the early days, I had a very small selection of plain scarves in my store.  Today, we have over 40 fabulous colours and I'm still on the look out for more colours to add to the range.   

Plain Scarf


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My Favourite SS2015 RTW Collection by Valentino

One thing I love to do in my spare time is look through pictures of my favourite designer collections from the runway.  I always find a collection that I'll keep going back to because everything about it, is exactly what I would love to own.  Sometimes, I'd change a few things here and there to suit my taste, like add sleeves or something minor.  But, nevertheless, I always like to have a little browse through the runway show pictures.  I know I'll probably, well definitely, never be able to afford any of these but who's to say I can't take inspiration from them?  Without further ado, let me introduce you to the SS2015 RTW Collection by Valentino.

Valentino SS2015 RTW Collection

Monday, 8 June 2015

50 Blog Post Ideas For When You're Stuck!

Unfortunately, there comes a time in a bloggers life where no matter what you do, or how hard you try, you just get stuck!  You'll be all too familiar with the dreaded 'Bloggers Block', which is why, I've been trying to keep a note of all my ideas in my trusty little notebook.  Back in December I gave you 50 Blog Post Ideas, which were a huge hit with you all.  So, I thought it was time I made another one. 

50 blog post ideas


Saturday, 6 June 2015

I found my abaya on Pinterest!

I'm so excited writing this post because the other day I came across my abaya on Pinterest!  Yes, MY abaya!  Eeeek!  I had one of them O. M. G moments!   If you're anything like me, I'm pretty sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

As usual, I was scrolling through all these amazing designs when one of them just so happened to look all too familiar.  I knew instantly it was the one I had bought a couple of years ago from a local boutique.  At the time I had no idea it was a designer piece, although I did spend quite a bit on it.  And look at it! It's gorgeous, isn't it?


Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Dina Torkia Debut Collection

As usual, I've been thinking about writing a post about something totally different to what I'm actually blogging about right now.  Just as I was about to get started, I thought, well, why not just talk about Dina?  In case you're wondering 'who is Dina?' then sit back, relax, with maybe a cup of tea, and let me tell you all about her. 

Everyone and anyone I know, knows who Dina is.  But if you haven't heard of Dina Torkia or Dina Tokio as she is known on pretty much all her social media, then where have you been!?  She is a very popular Muslim blogger/youtuber and a designer too.  You may have even come across her collaboration with Libertys of London for their Scarf Stories feature they did recently.  I must say that Dina's choices were so on point!  She's an amazing stylist as you can see from the pictures below.  And if you just so happen to google search DINA TOKIO you'll see plenty more that'll make you envy her wardrobe even more!

Dina Torkia Dina Tokio


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

My Recent Pinterest Finds

I challenged myself to write a post every other day and I've been doing well so far.  Although this post is a little late by a few hours, I'm still on track.  I knew I wanted to write a post yesterday but sometimes life happens.  And that's fine.  I've been joining in a lot of twitter chats lately, where we've been discussing blog/life balance and how bloggers feel if they miss a day.  I do feel like I'm letting my readers down, but sometimes, try as I might, it just can't be helped.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy today's post. 

Like every other blogger out there, I can have my moments when I get a little stuck on what to blog about.  It might sound a little strange, especially since I've got my own set of 50 Blog Post ideas right here on my blog!  But, I just don't feel like doing any of them.

So, when I wasn't actually looking for ideas and I was just reading every one elses blogs, I came across the Laze Sundaze blog by Preet Aujla.  Number 41, in her 50 Blog Post Ideas For New Bloggers post, just stood out for me.  I knew that's the one I wanted to do next.  So without further ado, here are my recent Pinterest finds.

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