When I think of traditional Indian embroidery and jewels this is what I see in my mind.  A vast array of colourful threads mixed with mirrors, bells, beads, tassels and so much more.  There's a lot going on. It's crazy OTT. But it works!

And with summer just around the corner, I've been busy browsing my favourite store as usual, and I've found a few gems that are perfect for the Indian Summer Inspired trend.

I was actually very pleasantly surprised by Zara this summer.  I was not expecting all this colourful magic, but do you know what?  I kinda like it!  So here's my second Zara wishlist.  Just in case you missed my first one, then it's right here if you want to take a look.

Embroidered Yellow Kaftan
When I first saw this I fell in love with the embroidery and the tassels.  I'm not much of a yellow person but somehow this works really well and with the blue, the yellow colour doesn't seem too harsh either.  I would have preferred this in a longer length, cos you all know I'm all about maxis.  But nevertheless I think it's a great piece of clothing and paired with white skinny jeans and gold sandals it would make a perfect summer holiday outfit.

Paisley Scarf
For some reason I'm always drawn to the colour red.  I don't know why!?  I keep telling myself, no more red on anything, but somehow it just manages to creep back into my life!  This scarf would look great around your neck and makes a perfect accessory when worn with something plain.  This paisley printed scarf will do all the talking.

Green Coloured Stone Necklace
I have a soft spot for statement necklaces and this beaded number is beautiful.  It has my favourite colour in it too.  Emerald green.  I can't get enough of that colour, I love it!  This one has a bit of yellow which really brings out the green too.  More yellow!  But, I can handle small doses of it!
Jewel Flat Sandals
I can see myself wearing these nude sandals a lot this summer.  They would go with everything and with the cute pink and green diamond detailing they are a must in every wardrobe.  Pink and green are a match made in heaven.  Ask Matthew Williamson, he'll say the same too - "Pink and green should always be seen. My favourite colour combination."

Long Geometric Necklace
I've worn a lot of prints with geometric shapes and they're one thing I will never get tired of.  At the moment, I'm really into silver jewellery.  I usually always go for gold but when it comes to silver, I prefer the more antique looking silver rather than the super polished look.  So this one is right up my street.  And it has black in it too!  The bell detail reminds me of the jewellery I used to wear as a child.  I think I'm definitely going to have to make room for this one in my jewellery collection.  

Round Ring
Unlike everything else that's a little over the top with colour and embroidery, this simple silver ring has just the right detail to add an Indian inspired look.  It reminds me of the coins dangling on the tribal necklaces.  

Embroidered Bag
Maybe I actually have a thing for yellow and I just don't know it.  The yellow and gold really complement each other on this clutch and the tassels just add the right dose of extra detailing.  I would wear this with an all black outfit, and let the bag take centre stage.  It deserves it, right?

Hand Embroidered Tunic
Now this has to be one of my most favourite pieces.  Everything about this tunic screams traditional Indian.  The thread work and mirrors are what makes it even more stunning.  And the tassels just complete the whole piece.  I like the colours too.  They're not bright but more muted mustards and burnt oranges with the embroidery adding just the right amount of colour.  What makes this even more special is that it is all hand embroidered, just like the real thing.

Beaded Necklace
You'd think this necklace was a bit like a belt.  And maybe with a little handy work you could even wear it as one.  I especially love how you see can pops of colour all over the place and I think it would make a great accessory.  I can see it worn with a crisp white shirt and black blazer for a day look or maybe even all black for a night look.  No matter how you wear this necklace, I'm pretty sure you'd get plenty of different looks with it.

So, which one is your favourite?  I'd love to know :)