When Angelina Jolie wore this dress and YSL cape to the Women in the World Summit 2013, I knew I wanted that look too.

I love the floaty cape and paired with the drapey maxi dress, it's too beautiful not to want it.  I first came across this look when I was searching for inspiration, because at the time I had to attend a wedding where I was told the colour scheme was olive green.  I've never worn olive green because it's such a difficult colour to style.  But when I saw Angelina Jolie wearing that exact same colour, I knew I had to re-create that look.

I'm sure you're all wondering if I actually managed to get the same look.  Well, unfortunately, I didn't!  Which is something that always happens when you need it most!  Anyways, 2 years later I can very happily tell you that I have found all the pieces and can finally put the look together.  Better late than never, right? 

Black Crepe Cape | Inayah Collection
Maxi Dress | Zara
Whistles Clutch | Asos
Heels | Asos
Gold Bangle | New Look

So what do you think? It costs a lot less than the designer version and I'm pretty happy with the look too.  I would definitely wear this.  Now, all I need to do is hope that they have my size in stock!  There's always something isn't there!?  I'll get there eventually.  I've got this far..........