You all know how much I love anything that's cute, so it comes as no surprise that today's post is all about cute!  When Akmal from Dzaltastic contacted me about her dolls I had to see what it was all about.  Too many cute dolls, that's what!  And along with her hijabi dolls she also has superhero ones too!  In my house we're a little crazy about superheros.  I grew up watching the likes of Superman, Batman and Incredible Hulk and I'm pretty sure you did too.

So when I spotted these in her Etsy store I knew I had to get one.  I've yet to make my purchase but I'm definitely keeping this in mind for Eid presents.  Well, actually I just bought both of the superhero dolls!  (and my post went up only 4 hours ago!)  If this isn't cute enough for you then just wait until you see their hijabi dolls.

See, didn't I tell you? These gorgeous hijabi dolls started in a little sewing room, where Akmal took custom orders from family and friends.  Little did she know that her passion for sewing would take her to a whole new level, where she would be making dolls for people all over the world.

As her business has grown, so too the opportunities.  Dzaltastic has been promised a stall at UKs biggest Muslim trade fair, the Muslim Lifestyle Expo, on the 1st-2nd August 2015 at the Ricoh Centre, Coventry, UK.

But to join the expo, Dzaltastic needs a little help from you and here's how.  You can help Dzaltastic showcase their handmade hijabi dolls at the Muslim Expo from as little as £5.  For full details on the project and how you can help visit the Launch Good website.

Wishing you all the best, Akmal.

1-2 August 2015 at the Ricoh Centre, Conventry, UK