Top 15 Dresses For Spring

Spring is finally here and that means the sun's going to be out again! My favourite time of the year is definitely spring/summer when the sun's shining and it just feels so much better than the cold, dull dark days of winter.  The bright sunshine makes me feel happy, fresh and makes me want to go for long walks.

But if you're in the UK you'll totally understand me when I say our weather is so unpredictable!!!  For us, the arrival of spring doesn't always mean warmer weather.  Even in summer, you're likely to get all the seasons in one day.  The sun may be out but the rain soon follows.

What actually happened was spring came and along with it winter decided to pay us another visit too!  Although the sun was shining, you won't believe it, but it was also snowing and we got plenty of rain and hail stones too.  It was freezing cold, and so, it wasn't time to ditch the winter woollies just yet, I guess.  But that doesn't mean we can't start shopping for spring can we?

So let's get into the spirit of spring with my top 15 dresses for spring.    

Arts & Science Pleated Flared Dress
Self Portrait Graciella Paneled Floral Lace And Mesh Mini Dress
Topshop MOTO Embroidered Smock Dress
Anna Sui Embroidered Organza Dress
Topshop Crochet Panel Skater Dress

Chinti & Parker Printed Cotton Dress
Marani G Short Dress
Topshop MOTO Indigo Wash T-Shirt Dress
Topshop Midi Smock Check Dress
Grey Only Anna Mix Dress

Kenzo Printed Mini Dress
Topshop Aztec Sequin T-Shirt Dress
Topshop Nude Dress
GOAT Embroidered Dress
Versace Printed Silk Chiffon Kaftan

Are you ready for spring?  What will you be adding to your spring wardrobe this year?

What's your opinion?

  1. i love everything on the last set, the colors are beautiful

    1. They go really nicely together. I'm loving the polka dots too. They never go out of fashion. x

  2. I loved the first set! amaaaaazing that black dress <3

    1. The black dress is too cute. I love the lacey detail on the ones in the first set. I think it's going to be very popular for spring/summer this year. xx

  3. Oh my, I loveee the Anna Sui dress! I totally get what you mean about the unpredictable weather!
    Where in the UK are you based?


    1. I think that one has to be my fave, I love the detail and colour. The sleeves are just the right length too. The weather is crazy, you always have to be prepared for rain! I'm from Blackburn and according to a lot of people it always rains in Blackburn!

  4. The black dress and the Aztec one from Topshop are gorgeous! They make me wish I was more of a dress kind of girl! x

    1. Great choices :) I love the whole tribal/aztec look. I love how the Topshop dress is so feminine and the colours look so beautiful together too xx


Thank you for your lovely comments. Love, love, love reading them! :)

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