I think this is the time of year when you need to add a jacket to your wardrobe because although it's starting to get slightly warmer, it's not quite hot yet that you can venture out without something to cover up.  A jacket is great because it's lightweight and now that there are so many different styles and prints, they really can bring an outfit together.

Now, you may have noticed the title, Top 10 Black Jackets.  Let me highlight the word BLACK.  Yup, it's all about black again.  I can't get enough of black, I'm sorry.  It's my go to colour, it can be worn with anything and it's very slimming too.  I'm not ashamed to admit I wear black everyday, but I also like to inject a bit of colour into my outfit by wearing printed scarves, a coloured cardigan/kimono or jewellery to bring the whole look together.  Which is why you'll also see 'nearly black' in the title too.

If you like black as much as I do then you'll know that sometimes it can be hard to let go of your comfort zone.  You get used to it and wearing brighter colours makes you feel as though you stick out like a sore thumb.  So I've picked out 10 jackets which have some element of black in them, be it a pattern, or a block print.  I couldn't help myself so I have also included an all black jacket, with a difference.  It's all in the detail and if you scroll down, you'll see.










Which one would you wear in spring/summer?