I'm sure by now you all know how much I love shopping in Zara.  As much as I love shopping and trying on before I buy, unfortunately this time when I popped into Zara it just wasn't happening.  I'd been walking for hours, I was tired, it was boiling hot and there were just too many people in the store.  So I decided to walk out and promised myself that I would check out what's new online instead.  And I wasn't disappointed.  I've picked out a few things that I absolutely love and here they are.

Leather Court Shoes
When I first saw these online it was the snakeskin texture on the shoes that I fell for.  I don't really like to wear animal print but on these shoes it's just right.  It's not too in your face and gives the shoes a bit of a lift.  They would be great for work but since I work from home I would wear these when I go out or even to a wedding.  Can't got wrong with classic black.

Knitted Cardigan
You all know by now how much I love to keep warm in a cardigan and so I just had to add this one.  My wishlist wouldn't be complete without it.  I like the chunky feel of this one and for once it's not completely black!  I'm trying to add a bit more colour to my wardrobe so this one is perfect because it still has a touch of black but not too much.  Even though winter is coming to an end this cardigan will be great for spring when it's not too cold for a coat and not quite hot either.

If you read my How To Wear A Statement Necklace post then you know how much I like them.  They're just great for adding a touch of glam to a boring outfit.  So when I spotted this one online I knew it would be great to wear with all my black outfits.  Yes, 99.9% of my wardrobe is black.  Ooops.  I prefer gold jewellery over silver and with that touch of red it just goes so well together.  And I'm totally loving the whole ethnic look this season, which brings me onto the next item on my wishlist.

Ethnic Embroidered Jacket
Just look at it! Do I really need to tell you why I want it so much?  I love love love the embroidery and the whole ethnic look about it.  It's too gorgeous to miss.  This is one jacket I NEED in my life.  Forget want, it's NEED.  I know plenty of ways I would wear it and one that's in my head right now is with a long floaty skirt and heels.   

Reversible Contrast Shopper
I didn't choose this bag because it's reversible and you get 2 bags for the price of one.  Although it's a good enough reason.  I chose this one because I like the size and colour, obviously.  I'm always on the look out for the perfect big black bag.  I think it's a bit like having the perfect Little Black Dress.  It's got to be the right size to be able to fit all my essentials and more.  I'm hoping this might be the one.  Oh, and since I mentioned handbag essentials, why not check out my Top 10 Handbag Essentials post too :)   

Cross Strap Flat Shoes
There was a time when I would never even dream of wearing flat shoes.  But these days I like to save my heels for special occasions and choose flats for everyday wear.  I like to go for something different instead of the same flat ballerina type shoes.  It ok to be a bit adventurous, even in flats.  My Trekking Up The Atlas Mountains post comes to mind.  You'll know what I mean if you've read it!  I like how these flats have the criss cross detailing, and I'm loving the colour too.  Makes a lovely change to the usual. 

What your favourite store wishlist?  Let me know in the comments below.